Sunday, October 28, 2012

" the next iteration "


i've had this version of this blog since 2006, and began it in 2003. as i look deeply back into the archives, i see a person questioning the nature of everything. questioning the Self, life, love, paths to follow or divert away from.

and over these past 9 years, i feel that i've grown, expanded, flourished, been challenged, and become more the artist and overall person i wish to exist as.

to constantly be making and seeing, delving and exploring, inspired and inspiring.

and i hope that as this version of this outlet comes to a close, the you'll find your way to the next.

i'm not sure that the format is as robust as this one, but we must always be open to evolution, to shifts, to change when it presents itself, and be prepared to make the necessary moves at that time.

to this end, i have been preparing myself all along. i wanted to be a better person, so i did my best to do so. i've have many gaffs and hiccups along the way, and those dips in my better judgement have helped me to strive for more compassion, trust, humbleness, and to be more...just more.

i wanted to be a better artist, so i challenged myself to shoot more, draw more, express myself more, be bold, be proud, own my failures as well as my successes. move on and forward and outward and reach everyone that i can with my outstretched fingers, and when i reach that limit, reach everyone i can online and on and on and on.

and when you make it a priority to share and be in the world, everything suddenly presents itself. it's a beautiful time that we find ourselves in, in every wake of every moment. this time, our time, shared and endlessly hurtling.

tonight's homework:

reach out to someone that inspires you and let them know what they mean to you. make sure that it's honest, true, heartfelt, and real. make bold statements and if possible, list all the many reasons why they mean so much to you in your personal and professional life.

and then open yourself up to the potential of a response. take the most care out there.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

" everyday newness "


in the next couple weeks, i will be transferring services around to debut a newer version of both my website and ultimately blog. along with these developments, i hope to be able to show much more work, and revamp the way i am able to share all the in between shots i take in the in between.

i want to thank everyone that has been supportive of my work over the many years i've been a photographer, both when i was reluctant to call myself that, and especially now that i'm proud to hold up that banner.

i apologize in advance of not being able to access my website, blog content, or email, as for each aspect of these transfers, it will take an average of a couple days to complete tasks.

aside from this boring techtalk, i will also be altering my photo-a-day format, as i obviously cannot post once per day to save my life.

i will however strive to share work, write posts to inspire and inform, and whenever possible continue to post this content on a near-daily basis. i know that you beloved few loyal readers actually click the ole refresh button to see what the what is with me and my work, and i hope to continue and flourish in this new iteration of the blog/site.

that being said, love love love all around, and best of luck to us all.

tonight's homework:

find time to actively change the awesome things in your life and make them better, faster, fluffier, sharper, more beautiful, more exact, and more inspiring. i'll see you on the other side of the digital threshold.


and now, a parting photodump of images to tide you over until we meet again:
juillet 25

juillet 26

juillet 27

juillet 28

juillet 29

juillet 30

juillet 31

août 01

août 02

août 03

août 04

août 05

août 06

août 07

août 08

août 09

août 10

août 11

août 12

août 13

août 14

août 15

août 16

août 17

août 18

août 19

août 20

août 21

août 22

août 23

août 24

août 25

août 26

août 27

août 28

août 29

août 30

août 31

septembre 01

septembre 02

septembre 03

septembre 04

septembre 05

septembre 06

septembre 07

septembre 08

septembre 09

septembre 10

septembre 11

septembre 12

septembre 13

septembre 14

septembre 15

septembre 16

septembre 17

septembre 18

septembre 19

septembre 20

septembre 21

septembre 22

septembre 23

septembre 24

septembre 25

septembre 26

septembre 27

septembre 28

septembre 29

septembre 30

octobre 01

octobre 02

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