Monday, May 26, 2008

" i wish i knew "


what is the right thing to do when you feel like nothing you're doing is right?

you're going through the motions, and the emotions. they are leading you to decisions, actions, inaction, reactions.

every choice made, every statement said, these are forming your immediate future before your eyes, and how fickle time has become. to see and know, and to know that you'll just have to see.

you are doing your best, and hoping that it goes noticed; the tiny bird in your corner sharing your secret thought over far distances both literal and the ones in you heart.

tonight's homework:

muster up all of your strengths,. be fiercely and confidently open and honest. tell that person that means that something to you how you feel. then respect the pause in between, and wait for the conversation to either meander towards silence, or begin.