Monday, July 25, 2011

" some things written while on the way "


 (note to self: not posting for over a month is crazytown. if you're going to have one, get on it. silly.)


our paths diverged and i can still feel you going further away still. the last breath shared and exhaled, the last touches distant. i'm forgetting you like the flash of a shadow on a bricked wall. you're gone you're gone you're gone you're gone. a phantom, an apparition, sweet spirit, hushes voices.

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the marrow in your bones:

sometimes our weaknesses too can define our strengths. as emotional beings, we all have the capacity for empathy, change, understanding, and longing.

what do you do with those feelings, unrelentless at times overwhelming?

confront them, believe them? store them up and ignore them?

act upon them.

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two moments on the morning train:

small bit of scalp peeking out between the slow motion of a pony-tail languidly pulled back. the silky twists and the smoothed plains with their soft sheen.

a father in a striped hat reading to his young daughter on the morning F train. she is 4 or 5, sitting on his lap wearing a yellow rainslicker with a pattern of butterflies fluttering; her rain boots designed with frog heads on the toes, dangle over the seat of his knees.

(the next week later, i see the same father and daughter. he's wearing a cornsilk blue shirt and linen pants. oh his head, a straw hat with a black band. the tiny daughter with a pinstripe button-down shirt and the smallest little barrette in her hair, clasping back a clutch of wispy hairs. he read to her whispering in her seashell ears and she smiled looking out into the car.)

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and before you know it, the time will pass you by. a second becomes a minute becomes an hour becomes a day and so on and so forth.

your life is fleeting, ever present, and opportunities are passing you by.

clouds in the sky drift as you sit and wait.

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a shock of sharp pleats sway in the folds of a red dress, swishing back and forth as you ascend the steps.

the long lines broken and calmed by the smoothing round of a bottom or a thigh.

the shape of your body breaking the surface.