Friday, April 08, 2011

" it's what you make of it "


sometimes the right choice is to take your camera everywhere you go. to the park. to the laundromat. to the grocery store, or the weekend market, or the bar. to the gallery. to the ice cream shoppe. to the BBQ. to the temple, or church, or synagogue, or the piers.

sometimes the right choice is to leave your camera at home. seeing the world in a paused moment from the bombardment of everyday now. shut out the internets, the frequencies, the refresh rates. leave behind the droning hum of fluorescent tubes overhead, the quiet vibrations of computer chassis touching external hard drives.

sometimes the right choice is to make a choice, and mean it.

tonight's homework:

think about five ways you could start a conversation, and then sometime over the weekend, practice these intros on a stranger. preferably people who you're in close proximity to (not in a creeper way), are more prone to at least indulge you for a quick exchange. learn something new about this person if you have the chance, and see what sort of other humans are out there. make a connection.

examples of recent interactions i had: met two australians through a mutual friend, talked to a taxi driver who loves driving, treats it as a game of sorts (safely), and thinks tribeca is dangerous.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

" the sound of the universe shedding a tear, at your false realization that your life is insignificant or unimportant "


raging oceans of creativity, surging, swelling, taking shape, dissipating.

underneath the thin sheaths of your eyelids, cloaked daggers itch at the surface, jutting forward with the intention to see, absorb, translate, reflect, and seek out new truths.

there's no time like this time. there's no limit when you stretch out your arms in a wide pattern. open, unyielding, honest, and ready to receive.

your muscles flex, your haunches taut at the ready, the time constantly converges and crashes upon itself, billowing forth multiple opportunities of an infinite possibility on the verge of discovery.

there's barely time to breathe, but you suck in quick through teeth held slightly apart. the brief wind causes the temperature to lower across the insides of our lips.

and then you find focus.

tonight's homework:

take ten different photos of ten different hands of ten different people who do ten different jobs. print them out postcard size. caption them with the name, job, relation, and possibly age of the subjects. post them on a wall somehow, maybe tape, maybe magnets. think about the untapped potential to create, and hold your breath for 20 seconds. exhale and begin to work.

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