Friday, December 31, 2010

" new spectacles, old ways evolving, brighter days "


and here we find ourselves teeming with anticipation on the brim of another year; a tidal shift calendar-based and with purportedly endless possibilities.

this year perhaps, instead of attempting to do everything, accomplish everything, be everywhere, and check the entirety of my life's wants and desires on my ever-evolving life's checklist, i believe that i will aim towards the more realistic. the grounded and surely-attainable.

publish a small photo book you say? well yes, i can accomplish that for sure.

bake a batch of oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies? thy will be done.

photograph and photograph and reel and document and pontificate and continue to produce, dream, smile, and bliss out in the face of adversity?



we're not kids anymore. we're not kidding ourselves. we're not able to be precocious any longer.

it's time to strike a chord, find the balance, teeter the scales in your favor, let go of old regrets, start actualizing your physical fitness, doodle on eeeeeverything, focus in, listen and reflect. be better.

it's time to pick up that camera, any camera (from toy to mobile/smart[dumb]phone to TLR, to rangefinder, to SLR, to DSLR, to medium digiback leica ricoh 4x5 large format bellowed chassis land camera everything everything anything, and be the photographer that you are, instead of be like everyone else and say you're a photographer.

i mean, who isn't a photographer here? sure you can shoot, but do you have something to say? something to share? something to love and embody?

well, on this day already half over, i hope that your tomorrow and each day of next year is filled with tiny victories. if you need of me, i'll be closer than you'll ever expect; heart-close and ever-supportive.


tonight's homework, the last homework of the new year:

bury an ill will of this year, and plant a seed of goodness for the next.


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Friday, December 17, 2010

" in other (awesome) news "


i found out today that some photographs i licensed to a feature film production were featured in a pivotal scene on the NYT website. even though the scene itself is heavy, i think the photos suit the art direction  and look great.

for your trivia-seeking pleasure, below are the images you can look for in the film. please support rabbit hole, and tell your people that i sent you.




" holding in your breath "


you never know how it's all going to occur, so it's best practice to be prepared.

wading through it all, did you pack the correct equipment? munsell color card? filters? extra batteries, lenses? memory cards?

so many things, so many things.

autumn turning into the end of autumn, and winter slipping its icy fingers underneath the hem of your shirt and making its presence known. nighttime becoming sooner and sooner.

you have to find your inspirations where you can, and in all things, especially when the hours of free-time become less and less.

you never know how it's all going to slow down and cease, so bundle up, take your chances, and see what treasures you'll find.


tonight's homework:

find someone in the street, and ask them if you can take their photograph. a street portrait. if they are willing, ask them a few questions about themselves and see if you can make a connection on some level. there are a lot of us out in the world; it might behoove us to meet some of each other.


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