Tuesday, October 16, 2007

" what do you do for a living, really? "


weederman23: i had a drawing freelance job last week
weederman23: i had to sit on a ladder at this billionaire's software anniversary party for rich people
weederman23: draw on a pad of paper, then tear the drawings off and flutter then to the ground
weederman23: it was half cool
weederman23: half humiliating
weederman23: but 2 hours
weederman23: 200 bones plus food
weederman23: good gig

BTMBRKT: hahaha
BTMBRKT: what kind of party was this? Some eccentric billionaire party
BTMBRKT: oh i just read the thing
BTMBRKT: it was an eccentric billionaire's party

weederman23: yeah

BTMBRKT: what kind of drawings?

weederman23: sketches
weederman23: i asked for a paper plate of food to take home, and the waiter said "ugh, huh...where do you think you are? there's a room full of billionaires in there (pointing to the room of billionaires), there's no paper here honey"
weederman23: he was sporting a mohawk too, albeit a short one

BTMBRKT: hahahaha
BTMBRKT: this is great

weederman23: people with vegetable and fruit heads with inferiority complexes
weederman23: and people at the party
weederman23: i had a ball

BTMBRKT: this is a fantastic story

weederman23: and the best part is that it is all entirely true


Thursday, October 11, 2007

" Ye Banks and Braes O'Bonnie Doon "


Ye banks and braes o' bonnie Doon,
How can ye bloom sae fair!
How can ye chant, ye little birds,
And I sae fu' o' care!

Thou'll break my heart, thou bonnie bird
That sings upon the bough;
Thou minds me o' the happy days
When my fause Luve was true.

Thou'll break my heart, thou bonnie bird
That sings beside thy mate;
For sae I sat, and sae I sang,
And wist na o' my fate.

Aft hae I roved by bonnie Doon
To see the woodbine twine,
And ilka bird sang o' its love;
And sae did I o' mine.

Wi' lightsome heart I pu'd a rose
Frae aff its thorny tree;
And my fause luver staw the rose,
But left the thorn wi' me.

by Robert Burns