Thursday, November 24, 2005

" being global is rad "


hey, all the cool kids are doing it or have already

(dylan, brent again, gentry, greg, becca, petur at least once, patrick hates it, abdul hates it, colleen, daphna, and the rest of those albany kids)

; let's move to new york as was planned!

yippity doooooo!

or wait, should i stay in bangkokia?

seemingly it's the hottest thing since cubed tofu, and that ain't bad.

no, sir.

*if the link to the article doesn't work, hit this one up.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

" balls are funny, bleeding from your orifices are not. or is it? "


weederman23: i fuckin hate dialup
weederman23: it's for assholes and dickwads and of course it's the only thing i have in my condo here
BTMBRKT: so man of 1995, what's it like back then?
weederman23: it's so interrupty
weederman23: like a phone call while getting a hand-job
weederman23: and then you want to get it, because it might be important
weederman23: but if you do, you'll never get rid of your blue-balls
weederman23: it's like that
weederman23: that anxiety of walking all around the streets full of blue-balls and the phone call ended up being your mom...uh theoretically speaking of course
weederman23: ...or something like that
BTMBRKT: haha damn that always happens to me
weederman23 : damn curiosity
weederman23 : damn it to hell

earlier bonus less adult humor:

weederman23: i'm getting bitten by mosquitos and i can't seem to find em
weederman23: they're like fucking ninjas
BTMBRKT: ugh i hate mosquitos
BTMBRKT: my arms swell up popeye style
BTMBRKT: sometimes
BTMBRKT: especially tahoe mosquitos. Those things are healthy and vicious
weederman23: yeah
weederman23: there are supposed strains of mosquitos here that have dengue fever
weederman23: so i could swell up and bleed out of my orifices
BTMBRKT: um. i dont' like the sound of that
weederman23: which would be gross
BTMBRKT: that's what all the hip kids are doing nowadays
BTMBRKT: no wait, those are "emotions" not "blood"
weederman23: right


Monday, November 14, 2005

" condo panorama "


sometimes it's alright to be interactive with the world.

at other times, it's just enough to see it.