Thursday, April 22, 2010

" armed with a love that makes me brave "


walking through the house with my hands gripped tightly around the handle one of my kitchen knives, i can hear them shifting.

these old wooden floors creak with each step, and i can feel a slivered splinter stick into my non-existent arch, but pay it no mind. there are intruders.

it feels like a sweatbox in the hallway as i pass by the radiator. i can smell them, perhaps eating last night's roast chicken dinner. plates are falling and crashing upon the floors. ever since they landed on this planet, it's been a tense survival.

behind me i've left my wife and daughter in the master bedroom. both of them are so strong, but i'm not sure that i want them to have to deal with this, the latest break-in. it's just been too long.

i take some deep breaths and my eyes, adjusting to the shadows, can see one of them, grotesque and grunting, skulking and flashing in the darkness. summoning up everything i've got, i begin to run with a full force.

the knife is just for show, because i know that i'm armed with a love that makes me brave.

tonight's homework:

make eye contact with a complete stranger, in a non-forced moment, and hold that gaze until they look away. remain honest, steadfast, and truthful.


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Thursday, April 08, 2010

" an additional 90˚ in your heart "


bike rides for your body in the first real heatwave day of spring. the sun is on the dipping side of the sky, and the breeze is lovely and carresing.

heart is racing, sweat beading and cooling. muscles are tight and every single revolution brings with it a new experience of pain and elation.

zip zip zip through the cars, zoom zoom zoom through the people, careeeeeeeeen through the streets. everything is amazing and wonderful. who could dare to have a worry today?

tonight's homework:

make a little wish upon a star, and hold that little twinkling shit of a celestial body to its pure silent promise...cause galaxies is tricky.

(and a happy april 7th birthday to my brother as well!)


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Friday, April 02, 2010

" daaaang, sun! "


spring makes another attempt hmm? i hope that this time it'll just get warmer and warmer.

nothing like a dose of actual sunshine on skin to rejuvenate your entire being. just gets on in there and swirls around. feels great. like drinking from the pure energy stream in TRON. like jumping in a cold stream in the forest and fighting a bear. like jumping off a cliff with a windsuit and soaring at 150 mph inches from the ground.

spring is here, and i'mma ride my bike.

tonight's homework:

devote an hour to working on your craft, whatever it may be, and then at the end of that focused hour of hard work, eat a small dish of the ice cream of your choice.


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