Monday, October 18, 2010

" trying to resolve the highlights and shadows in my life "


over two weeks later, i have reclaimed my life back from my wonderful(ly time-consuming but well-meaning) thai peeps/visitors.

my camera is falling apart. the grips are peeling off, and i can feel the chassis buckling a bit, every time i grip the clear weight of the body.

my eyes are slowly getting worse, and i still click-click-ka-chack my way through the day. gotta flex that eye. gotta take that risk. keep moving, keep hydrated, keep notes, keep positive.

it's about finding the balance between observing life's happenings, and living life without the camera in between. i hold mine at my side, slung at the waist, and at ready.

tonight's homework:

make five (5) photographs of things that you regularly do not photograph out of hesitation. examples are people on the street, still life of things. nature shots, nudes, jumping pics, strangers, watercrafts, old people's hands/jewelry, et al. challenge yourself to push beyond the boundaries of your immediate comfort zone, and show me something new.


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