Friday, August 26, 2011

" flex them arms, wide and high "


bracing for the reality of a new day, i stand fortified and at ready. the stormclouds gather in the distance; people are looking over their drooping shoulders, thinking of the worst, and hoping for the best.

you have to remain resolute, brave, stoic and honest. be open and with strength, outstretch your arms and offer your care to those around you. you mean well, and they will sense your warm nature.

being considerate at all times is key. be a good listener. don't be afraid to take a risk, to take a chance. lean in close and whisper something into my ear. i promise to be patient and hear everything you have to share.

the world is so finite, and our shared time so short. there are fireworks and moments yet to experience, and i cannot do it alone.

tonight's homework:

make 5 portraits of a friend of a friend, and ask them to think of one secret they can share with you without giving up too much about them. make the photograph(s), and then let them speak their secret to you. be receptive and fair in your response.

août 16

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Monday, August 15, 2011

" fits of elation and other rainy-day extended smiles "


feet first & first steps. get the math right on those settings, and you can just roam and roam, and photographs will just manifest. photo flash focus record. making memories while making art.

it's the people you meet, the camera not only being the tool, but becoming the conduit. a translator of emotion, states of being, conversations, sharing, delving, listening.

strange and curious moments becoming connective tissues, a rendering of action which leads to thoughts which leads to more actions, and will you follow through or not?

my odds say you will.

it's in those first contemplative moments of bravery where you'll makes broad stokes and strides forward. good luck in work as well in life. we'll be out amongst you if you need anything and everything.

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