Monday, April 09, 2012

" sometimes i feel peripheral to my own life "


upon the persuasion of group peer-pressure, i participated in a team stair-run up and down the stairwell for a jaunt of "afternoon lull-defeating exercise." it was a brisk 11 floors (with mini-stages as is normal in a corporate building), and it was brutal.

i would like to enjoy the thought that i am in a certain shape. obviously, i have and maintain a shape, but nothing that i was ever worried about until today. i felt like my body was spent & angry, and just altogether sad for itself. or sad for the fact that it was existent and that it was stuck with me, through thick and/or thin. and in this case, a certain unfit state of thickness.

so yes. after i caught my breath an hour later, and after my legs ceased trembling (whether out of anger with me or fear of being rendered useless over time, like the fear that if we were ever in a situation where coyotes would eat us in the darkness of an unknown wilderness, we wouldn't be able to scramble away to relative safety), i felt like something had to shift.

i don't want to be breathless after a stair-climb. and if you make that stair-climb a canary in the coal-mine of your health, it's perhaps time to walk along the rails, out of the labyrinth shaft, and into the sunshine of a new day.

being active in your creative life then, must find its partner in physical health's life as well.

tonight's homework:

do as many push-ups as you can up to 25. jump some jumping-jacks. lift some weights, and if not a workout weight, then two jugs of milk, or heavy books, or your overdue laundry. get sweating and think about the things you want to accomplish in your life, and how sad it would be if you couldn't be there to accomplish them. do and think all of these things, and then make a change in your life for the benefit of yourself and all those who care about you. be optimistic and positive.

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Friday, April 06, 2012

" it is easier to ask for forgiveness thank you think "


what have you done in the past 80 days? every time i think about posting to my blog, i find myself headed out the door, feet to the floor, engaging with the world at large.

eating things, seeing people, people watching, walking through the streets, rubbing elbows, flying to new places, listening to great music, seeing live shows, living, loving, laughing, and then editing, and lying down.

it's been a very tumultuous, emotional, topsy-turvy, raucous, whimsical, curious past 80, and that's how long i've been thinking about posting things, and haven't.

sometimes you need to just engage and hit the digital reset button on the back end. even though it's good to see you again, i have no regrets.

(below, please behold the visual cavalcade of blog-posting neglect.)

tonight's homework:

cook a meal at home. breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, pastries, crudites, or whatever you fancy. pay attention to the small details which make up the broad strokes. feel the satisfaction with the accomplishment, and then share with a friend.

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