Tuesday, July 24, 2012

" curses! i am a dreamer! "


a bulleted list of things that can happen to you in the next two weeks:

  • smelling honey blossoms with the promise of bee stings
  • seeing the echoes of electrical currents along the skin of lightning's outstretched arms
  • heart pumping yearning for a non-existant ghost of an image of a space of an idea of a person
  • leaning forward at the edge of the platform listening to the faint whistling of an approaching train, eyes momentarily closed, then rocking back to relative safety
  • laying flat on your back in the darkness hoping to dream of something bright and luminous, windows opened but screens lowered
  • sipping a cool glass of water, the sweat of condensation defying the encroaching humidity
  • seeing a small section of the night sky through a skylight, and remembering that you are both entirely insignificant and extremely integral all at the same time, and then either not knowing how to feel or focusing in on a new direction
  • cleaning, cooking, photography, or folding laundry as therapy
  • reminding yourself to remain open to everything at all times
  • standing in times square, or on a crowded train, or in the zoo, or in a department store, in the way of everyone, alone, with no destination in mind, just to feel the energy of others surrounding you
  • discovery of secret flowers in tall grasses, exposed by summer breezes but unashamed to be seen

tonight's homework:

obviously a work in progress, make a list of things you want to do in the next two weeks to make your home better, relationship(s) better, cooking better, workplace better, wardrobe better, finances better, creative endeavors better, and so forth, then set out to accomplish the task(s) at hand.

be better, feel better.

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