Sunday, May 27, 2007

" the dislikes of the day "


- the feeling of wooden ice cream spoons on the bottom of my upper front teeth.

- shirts that i used to love when i didn't have so much love-chub.

- the imminent death of as of yet unfound galaxies.

- past regrets of my teenage self.

- shaving and the inherent upkeep of facial hair.

- the fact that i have no original ideas, and when i do, i find that i actually don't.

- sweaty knee-pits.

- the pain of certain memory and the fear of the future.

- that i love the wonder years so so so much.

- the burn of lactic acid deficiency in my legs when i ride my bike and 12 year-old girls and boys pass by smiling while i gasp and wheeze down the flat paved inner loops of new york's parks.

- my shoes too tight.

- the fact that everything in life that presents a problem does in fact have an answer in one form or another, and how it can worked out.

- long distances from here to there.


Saturday, May 26, 2007

" bike fetish day '07 & cycloptic cycling "


it's always a curious sensation when after another unexpected "super" bike ride, you find that not only is your head pounding from lack of water, the cramp in your side is still there, but your assbone is "super" hurty.

so ouch!

so, as luck would have it, today was bike fetish day '07 down on havemeyer and grand. it was pretty fun, but i think that i'd of had a better time if i didn't go by myself.

the sun was out, it was all hot and pretty out. there was BBQ and me with no money. there were definitely special edition silkscreened tees, hand-made stickers, and of course, as is the territory, all manner of hipster and hipsterettes fetishists slinging their fixed gears and their bikecessories. then again...i guess i had a beard too.

i decided that since it was so nice out i should at least go on a short ride. to the w'burg bridge!

this time i brought my camera with me, so i made sure to get some shots of the old domino sugar factory, the JMZ trains running along the tracks in the middle of the bridge, and the sign of the bridge all graffitti'd up.

after i got into the city, i guess sheer interest kept me going forward, so i decided to hit up the greenway, and meander upwards towards central park.

after riding with other cyclists from 37th up to 59th, i took a loop around central park. then i felt all tired. then my eyes started to burn all weird and crazy.

then i started to feel all hot and overworked. then i found myself back around the entire park, so i started to ride home.

after i reaches around 54th street, something flew into my eye and i couldn't shake it off. then i tried to rub it off...nope didn't work. the best idea i could think of was to takeout my contact lens and attempt to put it back in, which is the stupidest thing you can do with dirty bike ride hands.

the contact dried out, then fell to the ground, and i found myself cycloptic and had to ride all the way home squinting like a pirate. if you have 20/20 vision, you'll never know the sweet soft focus bliss of near-sightedness, and i hope you never have to experience that when biking through traffic through manhattan.

i guess i made it home okay, but now that i't been hours later, i'm still no less hurty in the assbone area. can someone suggest a new saddle?

bike rides are rad.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

" the rides so far "


bike ride A-1:

home to prospect park
- this ride was the first time i rode from home to prospect park. i followed the nyc bike map and got there pretty much in an hour.

i met up with brent at his apartment on the west side of the park, and we rode two and a half revolutions around the inner path of the park, stopping to go "off road" or as off road as you can go with a road bike. it was a good ride.

bike ride A-2:

riding around brooklyn
- brooklyn is large. it's like when people say they live in oakland; it doesn't mean anything. it's huge and so multifaceted.

this ride however was from my apartment around the neighborhood, down to hipster central near bedford to have some reflectors fitted on my bike.

bike ride A-3:

home to chinatown
- the first time riding across the williamsburg bridge is going to always be a great reminder of how husky i feel. it was a great beautiful hot sunny spring day, the sky was clouded but clear and bright, and the traffic wasn't that hefty for being the early afternoon on a thursday.

i checked out the bike lanes that need tending to, the old men who gather in groups to play some sort of checkers/go game, and got som sweet treats from the thai restaurant. manhattan is still going to be a city area that is scary to ride around in, but as long as you remain alert and keep your shit/pothole eye on task, you'll be fine.

bike ride A-4:

home to union square
- i wanted to check out the A/P/A annual asian-american awareness fair i manhattan, so i crossed the bridge again and strode through down delancy and up through the lower manhattan city streets. i forgot how freeing bike riding in a city was. everything is instantaneously more alive and interesting.

the fair itself wasn't really conducive to having a bicycle under tow, but i did manage to meander around for an hour or so before heading home of course with complimentary fortune cookies.

bike ride A-5:

home to prospect park
- this time it was old hat. if it wasn't for the hassidic neighborhood school buses and tanker trucks, i swear i could've gotten there in 45 minutes. it took 55, but in all fairness, i was doing pretty good for riding in my usual meandery manner.

it's interesting to note that even though there haven't been that many bike rides so far, or that in fact i can categorize individual rides as events rather than just riding every day... i'm doing pretty good for exercise. i met up with brent. we ate burritos, cause bike riding makes you crazy hungry.

bike ride A-6:

home to prospect park
- brent, dylan, and i planned a bike ride around the park, but right when i got to brent's house, it started to thunder storm. the clouds rolled in and the sky got gloomy and dark; the weight of water was painted across the looming heavy clouds.

i had to leave my bike at brent's house, because i didn't want to get it wet. is that weird?

bike ride A-7:

unexpected bike ride
- i was planning all week for this ride. i planned to go to prospect park and get some revolutions out. but alas, brent had gotten an emergency money-making temp job (on a sunday?) and he had to subway the bike over to me. since the G was all wonky, he actually rode my bike some of the way, which was funny, because he is taller than i and he made my bike look all wee.

i forgot to tell him that he also was riding on near flat tires. of course i scoffed at him for splashing dirty water on the bike hurrying over and riding through rainwater puddles, but then i remembered that i was being anal about the look of it all, and decided to go on an extended adventure ride instead.

i rode from the bedford stop over the w'burg bridge into the city, then up the greenway path up to 37th street where it dead-ends. continued up to 59th st. then over west a few blocks, took the tramway to roosevelt island, and then rested.

it was so beautiful today, i was surprised that it turned out so sunny and lovely instead of the scheduled thunderstorms.

after a slow roundabout on the island, i took the tramway back and bulleted through manhattan down 2nd ave until i reached the greenway and cooled down back over the bridge and into brooklyn. so fun!

i went to check out the status of my ride at nycbikes and of course the wheel needed to be adjusted, the tires needed to be pumped, and i remembered that going from riding a bmx to a road bike is still going to take some time. the funnier moment was when i also realized that i am completely unsure of knowing how to function a bike pump (all innertube spigot thingies are not the same).

after getting home today, i was filled with that whole body tiredness that is the opposite of feeling of laziness. it's that good ache, the welcoming ache...and of course like all wonderful bike ride stories, this one ended with me going to eat a burger.


tonight's homework:

ride a bike! it's fun, and you'll feel better about whatever is making you make that face that is all lemony and frustrated. true!!


Thursday, May 17, 2007

" i am in a state of wonder "


backwards, forwards, and the in between,

it's all full of things,

we've never seen.

up down, in and out, straight up in a tree,

there's no getting away,

from feeling this free.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

" so many things "


so many things have happened, that i cannot begin to detail everything. in short, i'm sure that of the 4 people who actually still expect new content, i'll try my best to list off the things that occurred:

- i took headshots for this young woman which turned out super.

- i was "miscellaneous voice of Thai-speaking person #4" in an ADR session for a Denzel Washington film. look for my voice intermingled between shots of street vendors and crowded bangkokian sidewalks.

- i went to a super sushi party at my friend dylan's house. in fact i fully support any party where you have to build your food. plus for the single people, it's an interesting and delicious icebreaker.

- finally got a helmet, reflectors, and a blinky tail-light for my bicyclette. now all i have to worry about is searching for bike rides. good thing i also picked up the new bike nyc trail map. also, did you know that May is Bike Month NYC?

- since getting a helmet, i've went on an exploratory bike ride to see how it all connects topside almost every day of last week.

- i went to see the stage showcase of the graduating students of the denver acting conservatory. it was stageriffical and dramatic.

and that's what happened. for more information on what's happened feel free to leave comments and questions for this post after the beep, and i'll get back to you as soon as possible.

*** beeeeeeeeeeeep!


tonight's homework:

if you have old friends or family members you haven't seen or spoken with in a long time, give them a ring or write to them; each of these moments however short or long, will mean the world to you when they're no longer here.