Sunday, January 09, 2011

" koo koo ka-choo "


and with that, the first week of the new year just flew on by. i turned 31 on friday, a day in which large soft snowflakes aloft on a quiet calm breeze, fell gently with a lovely weight. amidst the gently flurry, i remembered why i love the snowfall.

everything seems like it's turning over. great books are getting read, technology is catching up to itself, the weeks are filled with things to do, and those moments away from work are filled with tiny checklists intermittently being ticked.

thin layers of ice coat the streets making it impossible to get a footing. thousands of work-appropriate footwear skidding and slipping along glistening avenues, bobbing and toppling their way towards a known destination.

so i'm a year on from the last time i was a year on, and i am feeling pretty self-assured. one issue tackled, and many others in the aisles. there never is a better time to take your life by the collar than right now.

all of my indications point to the fact that this year will serve as a touchstone for good things. so this year do your part by helping others with their projects, collaborate with someone on one of your own, make a book, start a 365 project and stick to it, challenge yourself in your photography by trying something new for once!!

teach someone something useful, be aware of your surroundings and photog it accordingly. be safe, be smart, be curious, courteous, willful,  brash, adventurous, amazing. aim to be better, and troubles will tremble in your mighty wake.

tonight's homework:

whatever the weather, make it a point to go out into the world, and take 5 photographs of 5 people. they could be street strangers or doormen. police officers or vendors. be brave and be honest. state your intention and when they ask you what you're doing, have an answer. if you get good results, share them with me or others.


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