Thursday, April 20, 2006

" the weight of whispers "


if we are of the earth, meaning of the elements, the makeup of our beings being comprised of metals and liquids, atoms and complex structure, positive ionic relationships and cellular packets, then couldn't we say that our words are also comprised of these things?

thus, the word becomes an invisibly audible representation of all of our biological ingredients.



Monday, April 17, 2006

" thoughts on the act of coming home "



the clouds lay low

over the frame of the city.

the delayed sounds of an airplane engine approaches

my open window

as the crafts' body recedes into the far distance;

a premeditated mechanized blip of light,

the only sign of its presence among

the vastness of the atmosphere.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

" maintenance est tres difficile "


it's been very difficult to maintain this blog thing in the past couple of months. it's true.

i apologize to myself first, because this used to be a great place to get all of the things off of my chest, out of my head, and flush all the contaminants out from my body.

so i am going to try and get to it.


for the past month i have been traveling through cambodia and vietnam. i've just returned to bangkok thailand and tomorrow is the official thai new year's, better known as Songkran, or the water festival. i'll try to stay dry and just mentally cleanse myself of the past year.

details to come perhaps if i don't remain lazy.

i'm coming home again (to the bay area) for the second time in two years. i'm going to stay a month this time then move to new york, cause that is what you are supposed to do; move, experience, grow, move back, move on.

i'm wishing myself luck, although with the support so far, i doubt i'll need much more than a viable financial income. i'll keep you posted my faceless cyberpals.


in other news:

"two years later..."

c. bay milin

albatross pub
1822 san pablo avenue
berkeley, CA View Map

Friday, May 19, 9:30pm

don't call them, email me


the funny thing about people who come home after a long time away, is that they for some reason expect everyone that they know to come greet them upon arrival. sadly the world is busy with jobs, obligations, meeting of importance, kids, prior engagements, and laziness.

with that, i am returning the bay area. i want to invite all of you to come help reinsert me into american culture by buying me beer, shaking my hand, or playing darts or giving me free stuff (detailed below).

it's not unruly of me to ask for your attendance or for free shit is it? it's america! and from what i've heard about america in the past two's doing something. and it'll be friday.

what better way to bring in the weekend than with a drunken night with your friendly neighborhood bay?

and you have a month to pencil me in as well, so no excuses.

so with that, come welcome me home, before i go off to nyc in june, cause that's where i'm going. i'm too lazy to write something sassy here, so i'm copy/pasting excerpts from the last time i came home's thingie thing:

i'm coming home from bangkok thailand and i'm broke too! you don't need to call or write a letter to congress, don't need to fret if you live too far or really really can't make it for personal reasons, and you don't need to wear a fancy shmancy nothin doin.

bring yourself, friends, lovers, cheap dates, kid sisters, cousins, friends-from-out-of-town, international exchange students, people i forgot, and even your dog if you want cause they letcha you know.

just come out and i'll spot yas for the 25 cent bowl of popcorn and a tipsy game of darts (no refund if i dart you in the leg). if you buy bay a guinness, you may sit back and enjoy his arms turn red with drunkedness!!

if you feel like getting me a "hello/goodbye again" present or supporting creativity and art for art's sake, i will ask you only for a photo or copy of photo of you as a kid at any age, old (comic) books or packaging/paper materials with graphic things on it that could be turned into 1" buttons, old/new x-rays from your injuries, accidents, or scans, one (or more) b/w photobooth strip(s) of you alone or with people or props (i suggest the booths at musee mechanique), and/or rolls of black and white film. if not don't worry; i wish for 4 hours of your time to make up for the 2 we've lost.

hit me up for more info.

ps- also, if you make it before i get sauced, can you guys give me your current contact information so i don't have to keep not contacting you all?

directions to beer, board games, dog-friendly atmosphere, pool tables, and people that know bay: