Saturday, September 25, 2010

" the undoing of being bashful "


today the weather was a beautiful sun-dappled light-breeze sort of day. people were out on the streets in full force, and everything in the city glowed and expanded.

today was the day to step out and interact. people looked into your eyes and you could see the joy in their hearts. i saw multi-colored toenails, a battalion of the fluffiest puppies, and everyone seemed like they were open.

taking all of that into account, i chose today to be a day where i would talk to anyone who wanted to talk to me. i found the opportunity to photograph one person who turned out to be a very interesting person. you just never know what you'll be able to do, until you open up.

this afternoon, i talked to a ticket sales person for the NY city ballet, a cinephile from mississippi, an indian tourist looking to find the right train to W. 4th, and a tunesian taxi diver keen to purchase a DSLR of his own one day so that he may pursue a dream of being a photographer. it was quite the day.

in your photography, you must do the same. these aren't secrets that only a select few understand and utilize. the ability to open up and be honest with the world around you, is one that people can sense, and then your stock multiplies exponentially.

i've heard this said to me, and i believed it fully, and it's been fruitful in it's implementation and follow-through..."be bold and courageous." be it, take a risk, take a chance. take a chance on yourself, and believe in the openness of others.

oh yeah, and to Mr. Danny Glover, of whom i interacted with very briefly today at the NY film festival...sir, you are a gentleman and i salute you as well as your stellar career (insert the image of tipping one's chapeau, and a bent knee here).

tonight's homework:

when you're out there in the world, choose one person (if the occasion so arises) to take a portrait of. make sure that the permission is granted, and then actually spend some time learning about who that person is. sometimes you just need to be aware of your surroundings, and so many great conversations can arise from simple situations.

remember to exchange information or have a pen and paper handy. you never know what treasures you'll find in those few moments.

email me your best stranger portrait all throughout next week, and i'll post the five (5) choice ones at the end of next week.


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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

" photowalks and the art of daily glee "


tonight i participated in a special edition photowalk, with the incoming students of the Masters of Digital Photography @ SVA. a big ups to my alma mater, and chair katrin eismann.

big ups to those students and good luck in your burgeoning next year of your life/education.

if you go on a photowalk every day, you'll start to see the world differently. you noticed in your photographic infancy, that you began to see shapes in the shadows. you started to notice how the light falls on certain buildings, or on grasses, or faces and people in different ways, dependent on the time of day or seasons.

when you were in your photographic adolescence, you started to apply the concepts you learned, whether on your own or in an arena of instruction. you balanced out the formula of shutter speed, ISO, and f-stop, then messed with it to accord with your personal vision.

you started to dabble in still life portraiture, nudes, time lapse, pinhole, medium format. you started to expand.

you started to evolve and hone your sensibility.

and now you're here. in the present moment, filled with all of the experience and experiences you've accumulated to this point. and how does it feel?

hopefully hungry for more, and good for you.


tonight's homework:

explore the area immediately in the 5 block radius of your home or work. take a photo of all the objects that are red or blue or yellow. when you get all of your photos back, see which ones catch your fancy, and think about why. is it the color of the object? the shape? the way the light falls on it?

email to me [bay(at)cbaymilin(dot)com] your favorite photo of this assignment, and 1-3 sentences of why.


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