Monday, December 31, 2007

" and end to some things "


the end of another year comes to pass. a new end, a new beginning.

this past year was one of the tests of your limits. i lost two people very dear to me, and a third is so far away, that even time refuses to be on our side. it leaves this year with a feeling of desire which aches for the time zones to be in-sync for us.

i thought i knew what this year was going to be like. and looking past on this year, it has surprised me in so many ways; lifted me up as well as let me down. as if the days themselves betray you through its cycles.

every new day which came brought with it a sense of questioning whether or not it would be a good one or not. in the latter half of the year especially, i was tested through and through. i feel like i am ready to have 2007 put behind me. tucked away as a good attempt, but not the template.

so this coming year, please be good to yourself and those you love. knowing that every day has endless possibilities, means that we can make every day count.

good luck out there in the new world. show me something great.

happy new year.


Friday, December 21, 2007

" on bells and whistles "


btmbrkt: i emailed you . nice site

me: the old site is history, archived on my computer

it's all cleaned up. nice. new start

me: yeah, i'm not sure that a stark unrepresentative site was good for getting gigs anyways

well, i like sites that are not filled with flash and bells and whistles. i want to see the work, the prices, and contact info. I hate sites that make you search

me: i have no whistles sir, no whistles. hahah.

btmbrkt: lotta bells though

me: maybe i can craft together a new secret site just for you
with like half a bell and a harmonica

btmbrkt: the bay eric super secret site of awesome

me: and then in the corner, some guitar hero



" december go-time!! (as promised) "


dear all,

happy end of this year and to new beginnings.

i hope that everyone had a fruitful year filled with creativity, interesting projects, humor, delicious foods, odd conversations with odd familiar people, and did at least one thing that challenged your everything.

i myself am so far from most of the people i know, so i have only one present:

after just over a week of not sleeping and hunkering down, i am proud to present the second version of my website,

please take the opportunity sometime in the near future to peruse and meander. the work will adjust and change as i keep photographing new things. tell people about the site, and pass it along to any potential interested parties you think may be interested in my work/services.

thank you so much for the support and encouragement. as always comments and questions are welcomed.

happy new year!

your friendly neighborhood photog,


everybody needs a hobby.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

" the secret sauce "


winter brings about a myriad of things including the holiday(s), really cold-looking fake santas with loud bells-a-ringin, shitty chocolates shaped as shitty religious shit, and more!

since i'm no longer under the employ of anyone, i have decided it is time that i hunker down and stave off natural sleep so that i may work on my website which is long overdue for a massive redesign.

never fear, as there will always be plenty of egg nog rummies, hot toddies, wet shoes and socks, and moments of calm wonderment in store for the end of this year. look out interweb, i'm a comin' for yas.

tonight's homework:

get out there and make something, anything, then be proud of it. you are not always what other people may think of you, and that can be a suckerpunch to expectations in the right direction.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

" website update pending "


so yes. i find myself with much more free time than i can stand. it's curious how much of my personal time is still spent in front of a computer instead of baking, riding my bike in the park, or updating my website.

in fact, i am going to do all three of those things in the next few days; one of which i did already (the baking one..winter scones if you must know), and i've already designed my basic website layouts inclusive of links and photos. now if i could just learn me up some actual html skills, i'd be almost done with two.

i guess all there is to do now is to pray for no more crummy rain weather, and ride my bike around until my winter tire burns away from my midsection. what?? i like drinking beer. sue me.

or come with, at least that way we can ride bikes together, then eat scones, then surf the web. it'll be fun...that is, if you don't have any work to go to.




i made these!






Monday, December 03, 2007

" so this is winter 2007 hmm? "


how my december begins, a list:

- finally paid off credit card so now i can save up for a computer

- have a new body for my camera, but is exhibiting the purple fringe described by most D80 users...and that sucks

- got laid off at my job due to the writer's strike, and although i support them, i also lost my employment as a result of "the industry" so that's fun

- applied for unemployment and was yelled at by a lady because it was awkward and i was nervous

- it snowed, then rained heavily, then now it's scary windy outside

- this past weekend i drank around 25 beers and made bacon-wrapped scallops with chopped garlic and cracked black pepper; brent suggested dollops of honey which worked out deliciously

- who's looking forward to winter?