Thursday, March 31, 2005

" 89% there is still almost there "


and the task becomes on step closer to completion!!!


Detailed Results

Tracking number

Signed for by

Ship date
Mar 29, 2005

Delivery date
Mar 31, 2005 10:23 AM

Delivery location

Delivered to

Service type
International Priority Service

1.6 kgs.




Mar 31, 2005
10:23 AM

8:26 AM
Departed FedEx location

7:37 AM
On FedEx vehicle for delivery

7:33 AM
At local FedEx facility

2:29 AM
Arrived at FedEx location

Mar 30, 2005
3:54 PM
Departed FedEx location

12:44 PM
Arrived at FedEx location

12:04 PM
Int'l shipment release

4:10 AM
Departed FedEx location

12:57 AM
Departed FedEx location

12:54 AM
Arrived at FedEx location

Mar 29, 2005
6:15 PM
Left origin

4:26 PM
Picked up


Wednesday, March 30, 2005

" the wide world made slimmer " or " somehow, every story comes down to mel gibson "


weederman23 (1:24:30):

BTMBRKT (1:24:53): again, this proves my point that Aussie kids are freaks of nature

BTMBRKT (1:25:00): they are 10 times stronger than the adult US male

weederman23 (1:25:12): it must be the vegemite

BTMBRKT (1:25:13): when I went to australia, all the babies I saw were huge

BTMBRKT (1:25:18): spilling out of their strollers

weederman23 (1:25:22): huge babies of freakish size

BTMBRKT (1:25:23): feet dragging on the ground

weederman23 (1:25:23): ahhhhh

BTMBRKT (1:25:29): talking like steel workers

weederman23 (1:25:35): that's scary man

BTMBRKT (1:25:42): They have to be, I mean australia is home to dangerous things

BTMBRKT (1:25:45): crocs

BTMBRKT (1:25:49): stinging plants

BTMBRKT (1:25:56): stinging jellyfish, deadly spiders

BTMBRKT (1:25:59): the outback

weederman23 (1:26:18): incomprehensible accentry

BTMBRKT (1:26:30): haha

BTMBRKT (1:26:35): and mel gibson

weederman23 (1:26:41): oooh that's a good one

weederman23 (1:27:01): yeah, and the only person who could mess with mad max was tina turner

BTMBRKT (1:28:01): yes of course. Tina brought the sass, and Mel brought the quiet rage. Master Blaster however, bridged the gap between the two, and was an acting tour de force

weederman23 (1:29:47): oh i agree


" fork in the road man "


hopeless romantics and soft lights abound in dimmed cafes.

the smell of cinnamon flourishing around the wide room. the chairs are made of walnut. welcome in.

she's sitting in the one seat against the wall, where the light dares not gleam in her eyes. there are wisps of steam rising from her perfect cup of rooibus africana.

the reflection of a single lamp illuminates her distant features from a hidden angle. throughout the cafe, blazingly torrent billie holiday jazz is cooing in everyone's ears.

brilliant scholars and mathematicians could not have predicted her presence there, then, and now at this moment.

she glances at you then away; you can see the loveliest tears falling down her apple cheeks.

all you have to do is go over to her and ask to sit down. so get your hands out of your trouser pockets, and move those feet of stone anchors.


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

" in the nose of madness - losing it, in tiny increments: a cross-continental e-mail exchange "


1) Tuesday March 29, 2005 @ 12:10am EST

dear greg,

there is no black foam available in all of thailand. i am at a loss.

[insert mission impossible music here]

you might want to put your watchcap on for this one.


A) the prints need to be at an address by the 1st of april. you will have to work fast. i suggest fully, in purchasing the foam board today:

Aa) ship to this address:

Please prepare your 5 (Five) mounted prints for the exhibition
accordingly and send it to us by April 1

Mailing Address:Attention: J----- W-------
---- Armand Court
F---- C-----, VA 2-----

Ab) foam board info:

FOAM BOARD #612 20"X30" 1/2" BLACK ON BLACK BOARD; This code is for a single sheet.

Black-On-Black foam board is black through the core sothere's never a need to color, cover, or disguise the edges. Featuresinclude a unique polystyrene core with a built-in memory; when cut,the board remains uniform and its edges spring back to their original thickness. The resilient core eliminates bunching and pulling. Cuts cleanly and easily. Strong, lightweight, rigid and warp-resistant.This board is boxed with 10 sheets per carton.

B) i will in one hours time be handing over the prints to fed ex forthe fastest express internationally they can do. it will arrive on thursday the 31st at 10:30am your time.that's two days from now for me, i believe almost three days time for you.

Ship from BANGKOK, Thailand, 10900
Ship date March 29, 2005
Package type Your Packaging
Dimensions 20 x 16 x 3 in
Weight 1.6 kgs
Declared value for customs 4000 Thai Baht . THB
FedEx International Priority(r) 10:30 AM Thu Mar 31, 2005 2 Days

C) this means that if you can purchase the foam board and double-sticktape/#M photo adhesive spray today, now or soon to be tomorrow, getsomeone to help you mount and cut the foam boards to spec., and sendthem to the address using the fastest mowst expensive fastest postalservice available...

D) you will have a total of almost 24 hours in which to send the prints. i have faith in your know-how, talents, and resourcefulness greg.

it's time to pull out the stops for the most ridiculous transcontinental photographic mounting known to man!

i'm counting on you, and i'll talk to you soon.

thanks super buddy.



ps- tell me please if i forgot any info you might need. i am sending to you most of this info too in printed paper form along with the photos


2) Tuesday March 29, 2005 @ 12:42am EST


my only question is how to properly package the prints. and how to properly package them once they are mounted.

if i get the package on the 31st, i can try my darndest to get it out the same day...but then i dunno if i can or not. if i can, then i can overnight it to v------...

i wonder if i can sameday something...

in the end i will package them as carefully as i can, but maybe if there is anything of note that you might tell me...



3) Tuesday March 29, 2005 @ 1:00am EST

dear greg,

all i can think of is this: just believe in yourself and do what you can. i believe there to be ridiculous overnight or same-day service, and i will research that for you from here.

the other thing that's bugging me is that i paid hella to have them matted, then it seems as if the nat'l geo. people don';t want a matte. mmmmbut i say perhaps just leave it on. if they really don't want a matte, they can cut it off w/out disturbing the print at all.

in terms of packaging. i'm thinking...

once mounted, slip a sheet of paper in between each print with a piece of bubble wrap too. then wrap the whole stack with bubble wrap twice and then find some cardboard pieces. maybe you can use the one will send with it...but corregated cardboard i think is a better buffer.

maybe you can get a box the right shape/size (dimensions are about 16" x 20" x 3 "). in any case, think anal in terms of if you had to send prints in the mail. wrap that sucker up or box it if you have found a box of that dimension, then send it the shit out! attach a fragile sticker on it if you can, and if they ask you the price of the worth of contents thing, it's about 180 bones.

thanks meng, any more ?'s

the fed ex man isnt here yet.



4) Tuesday March 29, 2005 @ 2:05am EST

dear greg,

the prints have just at this moment been handed off to the fed ex man.

the arrival time should be 10:30am on your thursday morning at the address of your office. (if it's not on time ask for a free pizza...j/k)

the tracking # is: ----.----.----, form ID # is: ---- (just in case)

i really appreciate this, and have sent along with the carefully(meaning anally-packed) packaging, the information on who to send it to, the distance from your work to the address where you have to sendit to (if you were driving, but in this case just for a so-you-know), the information about the foam board along with a description, a copy of my itinerary up to date but w/out specific flight and hotel info/#'s, and i believe any other things i might have included will ultimately make sense.

i thank you very much from the bottom of my everything i have bottoms too.

get on your horse, we're riding!

love bay

ps - if b---- can somehow help you with this, just ask her, cause she's rad like that.

word bird.


Monday, March 28, 2005

" the farness of being close "


dear ------,

how are you? sorry i have been so so so busy. it's never an excuse i know, but shit man, never a free minute.

last week i was sent to japan to cover the aichi world expo 2005 in nagoya (the middle of the island). it was rad. you can check out the photographs i took while there and in tokyo.

folder 016. japan = chock full of japantasticity!!!

other than that, i have been just working hella hard in bangkok. i am soon to return to the states for a week and a half. i was nominated for this photo contest thingie in washington D.C. and i figure it's at the right time, because my year-long visa is about to run out.

so from may 4th til may 14th, i'll be in the states, then back traveling around thailand with my parents for three or so months. then in september until december, i'll be in the bay area taking a rest.

theeeeen returning to bangkok to work at this other job. it's a television/film production business/house, and i hope to get more experience and just basically get this mutha moving in terms of career and the like.

it's nice being able to have a semblance of a future planned out, and nothing is really sure yet. all about defining those things that you can, however vague, then seeking to follow them through. i wish you the best of everything, and hope you are well.

tonight, sing a little song for me and face thailand. i'll be outside at 9:30pm with my ear bent to the wind.




Sunday, March 27, 2005

" cinematic interludes "


slept at the condo last night for the sole purpose of moving my dvds. too many for one trip, one backpack. yet necessary movements are called in times of nearing shifts; things are in motion at all times. please retain your ticket stub for the duration of your journey thank you.

met the "films over" guy at JJ again. his name is goh. he's done some films and worked for the director that i heart. a few weeks ago i found his shop again for the first time and we briefly talked about filmmaking and making tees and the like, the following week i designed him two great screen designs.

this week he gives me a free shirt with a smile, tells me he's making the design, asks me if i want to help him somehow export the shirts to some international local distributor/outlet, asks me if i could make him 100 buttons with my buttonmaker, and buys me a refreshing drink. talk about your great pre/post noon hour.

wandering around JJ, i found "audiophile," a great little corner stall with a crapload of dvdvds. all of the ones you were sorta maybe thinking of maybe sorta getting. they're on your wishlist, in your mind, and at the moment seriously being considered for purchase. and i did. because i could and it was hot. my mind wasn't right, and i decided to drop a load of cash.

- short cuts: robert altman, dir - criterion (missing the extra disc)
- lumiere and co. : 40 directors
- fat girl: catherine breillat, dir - criterion
- notorious: alfred hitchcock, dir - criterion
- american splendor: robert pulcini/shari berman, dir(s)

total cost around 29 bucks. good stuff.

met british chloe at scala theatre around 2:45pm to see 'a very long engagement.' beautiful. history! crying cause you feel like it. and nostalgic romance. lovely.

met up then with british kim and us three went at 6:30pm to see 'tokyo godfathers' which was rad. the subtle balances of humor, drama, and japanesenesses. i am still not off my j-kick, and everything just reminds and clicks of new edo.

one thing i find most people not talking about when discussing anime or cartoons and whatnot, is the physics of the drawn image. the sense of weight and height with wind, and facial expressions; the shift in the gait of a walk or the thickness of doors. it's something to note, this recreation of these physical properties inherent in 'reality.'

the day glows from beginning to end and the mind is reeling. aside from falling asleep in the cab ride from the station, i couldn't stop feeling absolutely electric all day; the day where everything just goes perfect, and nothing can take you down.


Saturday, March 26, 2005

" that feeling of "


all things coming to a head. being able to see silver linings within the rainstorms which quelch the broken landscapes. photograph scan-mania and how every picture is coming closer to the one in my head.

feelings of complete solace within a japanese composition; the lines and audio meanderings floating me on bliss. soft whispers matching loving frequencies. beautiful collisions.

dreams of star wars episode III, and how it was the greatest thing i had ever seen; future projections of cinematic mystery evolving and overlapping into my subconsiousness. natalie portman is a glowing blue dress with eminiating light against the black and red.

she's speaking in tongues of unknown languages which pour out of her mouth like the most mesmerizing stream filled with flower petals and glistening scintillations.

plans to leave here and return home, only to create a global route to become normal. the financial savings always slowly slipping through my fingers in waves of technological transactions.

and returning to the immediacy of the moment. smiling, laughing out loud raucously, dancing in enclosed spaces and twirling in a complete merriment.


Thursday, March 24, 2005

" information and rude awakenings "


weederman23: yo!
weederman23: folders 015 and 016 online
weederman23: well 016 about 70% done
weederman23: you can see just a smidge of my japan trip
BTMBRKT: i just woke up
weederman23: cool
BTMBRKT: and now I'm at work
BTMBRKT: i woke up at like 10:30
BTMBRKT: with all this shit drawn on my face
weederman23: awww naw dude
weederman23: i hate that
BTMBRKT: yeah basically i was so drunk
BTMBRKT: i was in the spirit world
BTMBRKT: i traveled through time
weederman23: and that will happen
weederman23: you gotta have one of those "am i too drunk" cards where you breathe on it or spit on a strip or something like that
BTMBRKT: hahaha yeah
BTMBRKT: i woke up suddenly and looked at the clock
BTMBRKT: and was like hmmmmm
BTMBRKT: that's not right
weederman23: no sir, not the right way to wake up at all
BTMBRKT: hahaha


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

" why'd she have to use the word 'skin whorls' though? "


disclaimer: okay, english is a messed up language; it's difficult to learn and there are so many facets of the language that elude even the most practiced speakers, that is there any point anymore? but this is to generalize too much i fear; there are those tiny moment of brilliance given time, patience, and a certain amount of dedication, anyone can learn a second or third language, of which i believe to be very important. that said...

this is quite possibly the nastiest thing i have ever read, but then again, i cannot verify that i will never read such horrific words in such an order ever again. so with that said, here is the nastiest thing ever do not eat fast food!!!


Woman bites into finger at San Jose restaurant

Maria Alicia Gaura, Chronicle Staff Writer

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A diner bit into a segment of human finger while digging into a bowl of chili at a San Jose Wendy's restaurant Tuesday night, Santa Clara County health officials said today.

The woman, who asked officials not to name or even describe her, spit out the well-cooked digit and reportedly warned other diners to stop eating. She then became sick to her stomach.

Santa Clara County Health Officer Dr. Martin Fenstersheib said today the woman was horrified "due to the unpleasant sensation of having this (object) in her mouth."

But he said the finger had been cooked at a high enough temperature to kill any viruses, including hepatitis or HIV, and it was unlikely that she will suffer any health effects from her experience, aside from psychological trauma.

The finger was described by Santa Clara County Medical Examiner Dr. Joseph P. O'Hara as cooked but not decomposed. The finger was found in two pieces, a one and three-eighths inch long fingertip complete with the skin whorls used in fingerprinting, and a half-inch long piece of fingernail. The joint appeared to have been torn off, possibly by manufacturing machinery, rather than cleanly cut. Because of its slightly longer than average length and neat grooming, it may have belonged to a woman, O'Hara said.

The restaurant at 1405 Monterey Highway was temporarily closed Tuesday night to allow health officials to impound the remaining chili, which was prepared on site, using a variety of ingredients. Health officials also seized all of the restaurant's remaining stock of ingredients, which will be inspected, and traced back to their manufacturer.

Since all of the workers at the restaurant were in possession "of all 10 of their fingers," health inspectors assume the finger likely entered the food chain as a result of the manufacturing process, according to county Environmental Resources Director Ben Gale.

Health inspectors said the restaurant appeared to be generally clean and well-maintained, with only one minor health violation having to do with a leaky vent.


" i was there, it's true! "


aichi expo 2005 breakfast paid in fullness!!!

aichi expo 2005 lunch paid in fullness!!!

aichi expo 2005 day passness!!!

aichi expo 2005 entry ticketness!!!

aichi expo 2005 sticker photo boothness!!!

aichi expo 2005 press passness!!!

- (c) baystar 2005 -


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

" hey man, that's japantastic!! "


march 20th-21st:

big up to emi louie-nishikawa for coming through to the fullest.

sometimes in life, you are unsure of your place in the world, and it may seem as if you are utterly alone. the void is deeply visible and everything teeters on the cusp of falling over. and then a light of such pure brilliance comes and claims the overwhelming darkness. this is friendship, and it exists on a global scale.

did i tell you that i love japan? cause i do.

supa-asia friends straight up in it

we met at my room, executive floor room 3062. together we thrust ourselves into the world outside and what did we see?

a japanese monk procession at meiji shrine, a wedding ceremony, the early morning j-kids getting ready for their weekend day of fun, a food fair complete with strawberry girls and people in silly costumes, sticker pics, j-hip-hoppers strolling the takeshita street venue, a fucking surprise saint patrick's day parade, the out-of-place fantastic prada building, harajuku kids galore and also making fun of stupid foreigners who didn't understand why they were condescendingly male-gazing assholes and stupid, scavenger hunt musings turned photo-op with a girl in a pikachu costume, shibuya crossing, tokyo hands with us as monkeys during the greatest live kitchenware cutlery informercial known to man, don quixote, reading comic books in that shop when i was seeing flashy stars about to pass out, 100 yen super stores, people watching at hachiko plaza thing alongside the deconstruction of japanese fashion, drinks in a cool ass restaurant, 2am custard run at cico mart, and last minute touristying on the top floor of the govenment building southern tower. we were all over this mad puppy of a thriving cityin a mad dash, like electricity through the oceans' deep. now what?

you're faced with life in it's most raw form; pulsating, engaging, funny as hell occurrences, the subtle in-between moments that create lasting memories never to be forgotten. the moments of your life.

bay and the harajuku j-kids

- (c) baystar/emi 2005 -

so thank you again emi. you made my trip, and in just one day and a half, you have reminded me that we live in a wide world that is just waiting to be experienced. this is something i will never forget, and we are better people for knowing one another.

tonight's homework:

get the fuck out of your house, apartment, condo, car, and rut. engage the world beyond your doorstep for once in your life, and just go for it. it is all out there waiting for you to interact with it, and if you don't, you'll find yourself watching a glowing flicker-box with a remote control in your hand guiding your brain to a sure softening. or you could have interviews with the harajuku j-kids and take your photo with them. now, what's it gonna be is all i ask?


Saturday, March 19, 2005

" full frontal nerdity "


so here i am in maboo internet cafe in tokyo. this is the sweetest internet "cafe" that i or anyone else in the universe will ever be in.

first off, the chair is excellent; deep bucket seat reclining super comfortable with a footstool! you get your own booth with options galore. including: cd burning, ragnarok online, adobe everything options, personal television/cd/dvd player, playstation 2 at ready, and super headphones.

i feel like i have died and gone to gamer/internet dork heaven. to put it lightly, i have paid for an hour, and i am very very unsure whether i will return to the hotel tonight. it's the most amazing and crazy nutty place ever!

399 yen for an hour (roughly 4 bones, with options of drinks!) can this be any more super? you needn't even pose the question because no, it cannot. the only thing one would need is a few minutes to get acquainted to this ridiculously-designed japanese keyboard.

tonight's homework:

if you are ever in japan, in tokyo, in need of the cushiest personal internet access, and near the shinjuku JR station, hit this mother up. i promise you, your pants will never be in more need of a towel in the greatest way possibly known to mankind.


" the yadda yadda of international journalism "


a letter of slight regret to my boss while "on assignment," um, as it were:

i am sorry and saddened to report that there were no food booths. i asked the guide and she said that at the toyota pavilion and the exhibition, there was a focus on technology and vehicles.

i had hoped to find some food booths pertaining to toyota or food in general, but the part of the expo where the gourmet booths were, were not near and not on the itinerary.

we had three free hours to walk around, but the food booths were no accessible. this is as much disappointing to me as i'm sure it is to you. i had so little time to go inside the expo places, that the best i could do, was try and find some menus to shoot.

unfortunately, i could not find any. in spite of this major disappointment, because i know our focus is food, i have shot a lot of footage of the restaurants that we ate at during the trip. i know this is not much and again i apologize.

i am trying to be responsible and do my best while alone. i am also sad to report that since i tried to get as much footage as possible, i am lacking in photographs. all in all, i have about 8 photos that we might be able to use, and around 4 hours of DV footage.

now that we are in tokyo, i hope to shoot some footage that we can use for the japanese "atmosphere." i hope that with this footage, and the additional materials from both the restaurants in nagoya and the expo, we are able to put something together.

i am sorry if i have only been able to do half a job, but again, i am trying to do my best. today we went to akihabara, and i did not find anything pertaining to food that we would not have in thailand. tomorrow morning i am having my friend take me around to the shopping venues around central tokyo in order to try and find something to buy for you and your show.

i gave your business card to the toyota executives, and also the magazine, so if you do meet them, i am sure they will know you through my interim introductions. if there is anything else that i may be able to do while here, i have about 3 free hours on monday morning before we head back home to bangkok.

please accept my deepest apologies, but the food and the focus on food was non-existent. i am very positive however, that we can use the information and footage i gathered, for something pertaining to the aichi world expo and also some japanese cuisine.

in tokyo,



Friday, March 18, 2005

" multi-taskingnesses "


second day: expo day

we awoke at the near crack of dawn. the bus was ready to go, and of course i missed breakfast.
the aichi world expo 2005 is about one hour and a half from our hotel, and the ride through the cities was great. the wide clean plains of the japanese landscape, the kempt properties of the open spaces, and the near-seamless integration of modern culture amidst the ancient. this is japan at a purely observational, although i always enjoy the opportunity to come here.

we arrived at the north gates right when a light drizzle began to eek its way through the patches of sunshine. the air, a crisp cold burst of refreshing winds, coupled with everyone's reddened cheeks created the perfect atmosphere for on-foot exploration.

all of the other thai journalist had two-person or three-person crews, whereas i was working alone: dv video, photography, note-taking, interviewing, sound recording, and logistics. i was so busy today i completely forgot to take more than just a small handful of photos. so...well, that happened. i hope that all of the pamphlets and printed materials can be used for the following article. if not, well, i'm not necessarily screwed, but it does make a magazine article harder to make such an article "visually-pleasing." so, here we go.


after going through the thorough press check-ins and security procedures, we headed over to the Toyota Pavillion to catch their aichi expo show titled "move, live." the show is an exhibition of toyota's vision of how future societies will be interlocked with a special harmony with nature and technology. this concept of toyota's, which is the feature of their exhibit, is called "the dream, joy and inspiration of mobility in the 21st century."

their sub-themes, "mobility in harmony with the earth" and "the appeal of mobility - achieving the dream and joy of worldwide movement," were displayed through their spectacular show. the whole basis of the toyota group's vision of how the future could be, enforces the ideas of a symbiotic relationship with nature; reconnecting with the planet so that we can continue to nurture the environment through our collective societal progress, and not overtake the natural world with waste, pollution, and unnecessary excess.

even before entering the "natural-cycle earth pavilion," multiple displays educated how toyota used the opportunity of even the construction of their building to show that through complex and innovative design methods, people and companies can be responsible and forwarding at the same time. the key points of their structure are:

- the frame of the entire building is constructed out of a steel frame which can be disassembled and reused. this is achieved through the concept of 'friction-joining' methods of building, which eliminates the need to drill and holes for bolts and also the need to weld.

- the exterior walls of the entire structure is made completely out of recycled paper. the interior walls are made with a soon-to-be commercialized material called kenaf. these uses of existing renewable materials shows just how multi-faceted natural resources can be utilized.

- the entire pavilion is powered by a giant wind-powered generator fan; a concept that provides enough energy to power the building and it's extensive energy needs, and also produces zero CO2 emissions. it is essentially a naturally-powered building.

you think about these designing methods, the thought towards the earth and materials, and how in this fashion it does seem possible to re-establish and achieve a harmonious relationship with the earth while continuing to move ahead.

the opening act of the toyota exhibition showcased an eight-piece robotic band. we learned later that the lead robot, a trumpeteer, actually has the construction and mechanics to play the trumpet for real. this is a robot that can play like a human, and even has lips. the rest of the band consisted of drums, horns, and oddly (and surprisingly)enough, a DJ robot which interacted and rapped along with a live performer. these innovations don't seem to immediately reflect societies needs, but it does show a progression in the field of robotics.

the concept behind the look and design of the robots are meant to reflect the japanese spirit of "wa," which translates into harmony and the ideal of hospitality.

the second act consisted of the main show. toyota's concept single-person "i-unit" vehicle and their mountable walking robot, the "i-foot," were prominently featured alongside a dance troupe. the show is a 360 degree spectacle which has these vehicles both being used and 'driven' by their human counterparts, as well as automatically executing complex and beautiful movements. it was something that was out of the furthest reaches of future-perfect science fiction, and there is was on display and in use.

the properties of the "i-unit" is meant to be a natural design as an extension of a single passenger's mobility. as they put it, "the design, inspired by the [shape of a] leaf that converts sunlight into life energy, seeks to express the power of the unknown, the logic of living things, and the simple beauty of wasteless functionality." in addition to the outstanding design, the unit can be customized with controls for an upright or down positions, as well as color themes, sound and vibrations.

the properties of the "i-foot" robotic unit reflects safety and heightened mobility with the concept design of an egg-shape with automated legs. it is controlled by use of a central joystick design, which puts ease of use before technological doohickeys.

along with this show, toyota has in use at the expo, a fuel-hybrid vehicle called the "FCHV-BUS," an earth-friendly fuel-cell technology based mode of transportation. another unique featured vehicle that is in use for transportation, is the "IMTS" or "intelligent multimode transit system" featuring fuel efficiency and the unique feature of a driverless function design.

all of these concepts are designed to further enhance the freedom of movement, a concept that the toyota group has pushed forward to bring to fruition for the 21st century's societies. they believe that through this harmonious thought in design of vehicles, we can begin to create a community where we can interact with people and the world around us in a direct, responsible, and fulfilling manner.

after the toyota group's show, we meandered for the rest of the day through the nagakute section of the expo which has may different companies, including brother, hitachi, central japan railway company, mitsubishi, and others, all showcasing their unique visions for the future. all of these people follow the communal world expo theme "nature's wisdom: a bright and fulfilling future society."

if everyone can begin to believe that these innovations and forwarding concepts can benefit all of us in the long-run, maybe we can proceed one step closer to a beautiful future.


Thursday, March 17, 2005

" yay japan all wacky thus "


boarding the plane, i was not sure what i was going to be in store for. The flight itself was pleasant enough; spacious room, super service, and even a nice pillow/blanket combination that really really just did it.

I suppose the only nag i have with it were these: the air was so dry, my eyes and throat felt like i had landed on the antarctic eating dry ice (thank you high altitude/low humidity), the floor in the bathroom at 3am was wet...why?

don't even want to touch that one, and i had to again go through the usual "hey! I know!! Let’s all pretend like we slept a whole night by dimming the lights at a strange hour, then wake everyone up with hot towels and the smell of breakfast at 6am!!!"

I love that idea.

After we disembarked the plane, we all loaded onto the tour bus. First stop Nagoya castle. Beautiful, ancient structures residing along modern streets. Usually outside, and on the roof, they have a large gilded statue of a dolphin; the symbol of Nagoya. But it has recently been disassembled and reassembled on-site for the expo. Inside, vast amounts of feudal japan emerging in engaging displays. Since it was raining, we all spent about an hour looking around the old grounds.

The next stop was lunch. The tour guide said that the ton katsu at this restaurant, named yabaton, is the most famous restaurant for that dish in all of japan; i had two helpings and it was delicious i tell you.

After that, we spent a couple hours shopping at Nagoya Station, a hub for the JR trains and other connective transits. I didn't buy much of anything, but moreover just people-watched. I always have felt that i have a grasp on feeling out a certain culture just by observing. And although that is one aspect of learning a culture, you also have to engage the people themselves as well. Which i did with many smiles of mutual confusion.

We reached the hotel and rested for a while. The soft rain coming down over Nagoya in a light mist, creating a beautiful halo effect around the streetlamps. After some rest and a shower, we all met on the 30th floor of the hotel, which is the "sky banquet hall" to meat and eat a special dinner with mr. makoto ono, the general manager for toyota’s asia, oceania, and middle east planning division.

He gave the most delightful welcoming speech, and talked about the emphasis of building a new future together. He stressed the further creation of the hybrid car, a vehicle which will continue to cut down the pollution of fuel emissions.

All in all, a very long day (and a half), and i am very much looking forward to "press day" activities at the expo. Until then, keep your eyes open for two little green bushes, the mascots of the expo, to be jumping around the news coming from japan. Smell you later.

ps - the language for this entry and the one to follow will be a little light and tarty, due to the fact that i have to send these to a light and tarty magazine, which is the reason i am here in japan at this time. 555.


Wednesday, March 16, 2005

" strapped and bound for edo "


wookies are rad says:
i'm packed and ready to go

wookies are rad says:
if i can hold a DV cam in one hand, a camera in the other, and then my camera around my neck, and then the mic in between my legs, i'm sure i'll get something

wookies are rad says:
harajuku gothic lolitas, here i come!

greg says:
how long'll you be in japan?

wookies are rad says:
till the 22nd

greg says:

wookies are rad says:
i hope so

greg says:
snap snap snap

greg says:
click click click

greg says:
hi hi hi

greg says:
what's your name what's your name what's your name

greg says:
can i come back to your place? can i come back to your place? can i come back to your place?

wookies are rad says:
mexican hat dance?

greg says:

wookies are rad says:
you need sleep

greg says:
just forecasting

wookies are rad says:
i like that

greg says:
yes i know


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

" can you put that on my tab? "


emotional costs. the ships have docked at the port of comfort. R & R straightaway sir, would you like a room?

meeting people, and really getting to know them deeper than their names and places origin. these are the templates of international friendship. and can you stay and be the same person? can you leave and say that you have not as much changed?

what is it, all of the planning ahead, if you are not yet living in the moment of it all?

the universe passes through another day, and everything seems to be going well.

tonight's homework:

dust off your walking shoes, and take the time to engage the world outside your bubble-life. see the things that have always been taken for granted, and set aside a moment, just a moment, to appreciate that recognition. there's a long way to go yet, and you have it in you to do a little bit of everything if you so wish; the instantaneous and lasting happiness of emotional sobriety.


Monday, March 14, 2005

" japan in the spring "


weederman23: yay roasted chestnuts
weederman23: is it cold now? should i bring a sweater?
xo emi ox: it snowed yesterday
weederman23: no way!!!
xo emi ox: um, i think the weather is weird this week... like it keeps swithching between hot and cold, but i heard that by the weekend it'll be warm
xo emi ox: anyway, yes. bring something warmish
weederman23: so, what you're saying is, the students will be wearing leg warmers?
xo emi ox: HAHAHAHAHAH
xo emi ox: fo sho
xo emi ox: but you'll be in nagoya right?? nagoya is not as hoochie as tokyo
xo emi ox: and in tokyo... if you're here on weekend, you'll see less uniforms
weederman23: that is the saddest thing you've ever said to me


Saturday, March 12, 2005

" of sauce and other distractions "


weederman23: i bet you are wearing something blue right now, or courderoy blue jeans a purple sweat shirt with brown wife beater underneath or maybe im just naked
weederman23: yeah, i'm easy.either way haha what are you wearing?
weederman23: and i bet your freckles and moles look fantastic oh yeah
weederman23: black pumas, cuffed insidely black pants, pink polo shirt, weird haircut sweet weird haircut
weederman23: yah how so?
weederman23: i told a friend it's like some squirrels had a fight on my head, then i got electrocuted, and then someone had to fix it on purpose though?
weederman23: ...weederman23: yes sir hold a minute
weederman23: holding sorry bill paying damn i hate bills you can drop it now whatever you were holding
weederman23: "ker-plunk" my baby's got sauce and of course as a matter of course she does what she wants becuase shes the boss
weederman23: yeah, but what flavor? a cornicopia of flava
weederman23: i am intrigued and look forward to this magical sauce of which you speak its my baby im sorta hyper
weederman23: we can wiggle in our seats hows the tai land treaten you is thai land sorry hehe
weederman23: thailand is rad
weederman23: and hot how hot is it?
weederman23: like gael garcia bernal in bad education hot X zooey deschanel in all the real girls after she cuts her hair and goes all ape shit with realizations and regret i dont know that one did you go to that website
weederman23: it's not loading up at all what?
weederman23: you're misleading me im watching it it is so fucking funny try again no no
weederman23: dude, my connection is like 49.9kbps split seven ways
weederman23: how'm i supposed to just zippity doo that up? hmmmm
weederman23: ? oh well excuse me pardonay mi
weederman23: haha howmisuppostaknow hm
weederman23: super psychic intercontinental powers? hm hm oh i have to turn the sweetch on (9:32:25): ok (9:32:25): oh i see (9:32:29): dont have a fast connect
weederman23 (9:32:29): set it on awesome (9:32:34): oh its there
weederman23 (9:32:43): word (9:32:44): retroactivly (9:33:23): i gotsa go to the bank
weederman23 (9:33:29): i support that (9:33:33): thanks (9:33:40): ill talk to you at a later date and time (9:33:44): luv
weederman23 (9:33:57): have fun, get a free mug or steal one (9:34:02): k (9:34:04): gots it
weederman23 (9:34:07): peas (9:34:10): ciao signed off at 9:34:13.


" val has a crappy non-shopping experience "


donatello aka peter pan turtle says:
So they built a Target in Albany...and you can't walk to it.

donatello aka peter pan turtle says:
what the fuck?!

donatello aka peter pan turtle says:
It's on that street that runs alongside the freeway (on your lefthand side if you're heading to oakland)...

donatello aka peter pan turtle says:
sooo i walk down Gilman then cut a right on that street thinking ok i'll get there soon...

donatello aka peter pan turtle says:
wrong! i had to walk in this dirt ditch full of nastiness, then that stops and i had to brave the street like a car...then walking from Target home, you've got to walk under the freeway through gravel and cross train tracks and shit. what, do all Target shoppers have cars?

donatello aka peter pan turtle says:
like every single one?

donatello aka peter pan turtle says:

donatello aka peter pan turtle says:

...i love that story


Friday, March 11, 2005

" everyday offerings "


weederman23: whaa?
weederman23: how did your computer send me an empty message?
weederman23: that's so cryptic that is
BTMBRKT: computers be crazy
weederman23: so crazy
weederman23: but not as crazy as my crazy haircut
weederman23: it's like squirrels had a fight on my head and then i got electrocuted
BTMBRKT: hahahahaha
BTMBRKT: oh man sweet relief I am leaving the office. Good luck with the haircut
weederman23: cool duder
weederman23: have a good one, or two?
BTMBRKT: three!
weederman23: word
BTMBRKT signed off at 9:13:39.


Thursday, March 10, 2005

" triple-tangent "


" more than one way to skin a cat "

i met and had lunch with a man today named bishop james chan. he told the most peculiar (disturbing?) story to me at the table which had me speechless for a second. it went something like this:

' so once i was doing this missionary work in the jungle, near the border of burma with these tribesman. and you know these people were coming through that ate everything. i don't know where they were from, but they ate everything: crocodiles, cats, dogs, monkeys. it was strange.

one night these travelers decided to play a trick on one of the guys who disliked the idea of eating those animals. they found a stray cat and skinned it. then we gutted, cleaned, chopped up, and made the cat into this delicious curry.

when we all sat down to dinner, he ate the most of the dish, and of course he had no idea what he was eating, but he loved it.

three days later, we told him that he had eaten a cat.'

here, bishop james chan laughed a deep laugh and his eyes fixed in a beady glaze. just what the hell was the point of that little tale of culinary deception? i believe i will never find out.

if he were not such a sweet man at lunch and afterwards, i would've been a little more scared.


" skytrain a waiting "

discovering someone in a public place. waiting for someone to show up. having them find you sitting there, or standing. the reaction, and perhaps the anger. but always the eyes telling tales.

waiting for someone on a stone bench. the trains going by, and a thousand people shuffling past; no one knows who you are. you are a stranger to all, and do not exist.

filling time with thoughts. unconscious choice to vibrate feet, small precise movements of self-grooming in anticipation, smiling to yourself, checking other people out.

staring at maps, at diagrams, at charts on the wall. displays of information telling you all the things you will never need to ever know; lost, everyone lost. and together. clutching bags and disappointed.

many strangers converging upon each other in close proximity. all carrying glimmers of shared destinations. small touches. glances, inner glow.


" thoughts to knowhere "

on mad girls at the railing and defensive, late guys:

sometimes it's amazing how much frustration can build up in anticipation of something, and how a person with good intentions can be instantly forgiven upon slight and brief explanations.

on cutting your finger, deep and with a sharp x-acto knife:

when the pointer finger finds itself lacerated and out of commission, it's the middle finger's turn to shine!


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

" lost and found road notes "


skin changes and bananas galore:

- i find that as of late, the entirety of my skin has grown increasingly more sensitive to dust. specifically when i touch old rusty metal, or walk upon unswept floors barefooted.

the sensation following the physical contact is a slow-building itch which spreads and lingers; a thousand fire ants scurrying beneath the skin.

- we just stopped along the road wile entering chumpon, a town 500k from bangkok. chumpon is considered, and aptly named the "gateway to the south." the purpose of our journeys pause was to buy a crapload of bananas. those small delicious beautiful thai bananas.

we loaded up around 20 bunches, totaling around 200 bananas. after looking down the street, i noticed that all the stalls were selling bananas. in a row where bananas are the name of the game, you gotta have selection. picture 500 vendors all selling awesome bananas hanging on plastic strings?

i mean, you can literally drive past the first vendor, decide to not buy some, then change your mind 3 times, before pulling over at a completely identical banana stand. this is the kind of twilight zone that most people fail to come across.

on the other side of the road, prachaosua temple stood out a blazing red against an ocean of yellow and green; remnants of two thousand firecrackers lay in a wide heap, the past services to scare away bad spirits.

as motorists passed along the rows of banana vendors, they honked their horns loud and true 3 times; a passing moment of respect.


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

" a hop skip and a jump away at all times "


come may, i'll be in the states for a blip. a happy unexpected blip. a week at most before i return to bangkok.

this shiny blip entails a small step towards some form, or version of accomplishment, i believe.

i take photos. people who know me know this. i could consider perhaps call myself a photographer, and claim it to be true. i suppose. although i never claimed that i have that elusive "it" that many photogs claim to embody, i can snap a flick with a high degree of confidence.

the extension of the mind translated by silver molecules. when exposed to light, the things of which i dream manifest. organic and alluring, i cannot doubt i have a passion.

so here's to recognition. to the passing of a period of doubt; now borne into a moment of optimistic clarity. no matter how far i've come in my many interests, this may be the closest i've come to some thing to be proud of.

clutching my past to my chest, i'm ready to face tomorrow with everything to look forward to.

scroll to the bottom, and wish me some luck.


Monday, March 07, 2005

" the ravaged south "


i stood at the banks of a small phuket beach. the andaman sea lapping lovingly against the tattered shore; the sun hanging it's coat up on the open blue sky.

a boy playing on a wooden make-shift swing being pushed by his father to my left; behind their silhouettes, the scintillating golden cast of a day ending.

the tall leaning trees ached at their bases. the roots exposed and vulnerable.

we met a family who recently re-opened their restaurant; the locals fearing the consumption of mollusks, for fear of taking into their bodies, the souls of the victims.

their lovely daughter sang a painfully lulling song which was haunting to experience. tears fell from her brown eyes as the breeze whispered past her lips.

there along the shortened beach, i could see where the teeth of the ocean savagely tore the flesh of the beach away from the wide body of the land.


Sunday, March 06, 2005

" a crackin' week-end "


yay rare moments of happiness intercut with strangers and conversation; the missing element of a single boy alone with his time, thoughts, and environment. big up to british chloe, british kim, jan superdanceman, tuppi the tangent soul brother, and dino for the entertainment and ride out.

yay a night out beginning with unknown peoples's b-day party outside of the center (?) of bangkok. nice house man. happy 30th TAT and no, i'm not picking up on your lady Daisy, she's just cool, when talking to cool people is welcomed.

yay for having the condo. boo for waking up my uncle at 4:30am trying to enter said condo. and yay for my uncle being hella cool about it and his hair lookin' all cool.

yay for breakfast with my uncle; a vast variety of delights to welcome the morning in after 4 hours of deep sleep.

yay hitting up JJ for a kick ass people-watching time with kim, xiaojiao, art, and noonie. super yay for meeting the proprietor/filmmaker-dude/cool guy t-shirt screener dude at his rad stall; more cool stories to develop perhaps maybe sorta?

yay afternoon blissssssed the fuck out movie experience with british kim wholey enjoying "april story" perfection upon perfection in an hours time. beautiful beautiful beautiful. all editing, lighting, shot choices, first-person, lovely lovely sakura flowers falling thusly and smiles enveloping your soul in a cinematic tone staring girl fishing club unrequited loves engaged with sweet and utter awkwardness. i love you. you were everything i needed then, there, at that time. april story.

yay MBK dvd romp with british kim in the aftermath of said blisses. yay meeting sherisse clarke: long islander, teacher, world traveler, cinematic and michael jackson deconstructionist.

yay dinner with strangers who are rad! big up to british kim, sherisse clarke, wan, and overworked jason.

to end it all.

yay to sherisse with taxi cab conversations to the BTS. yay waving to each other like old friends at the wall when your train departed from the station; 50 points you score you do.

yay motorcycle taxi man guy with stupid graff alien holding up "westside" on his helmet.

yay being happy.


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

" in bangkok, at the ready "


hidden loves in a far off places. to know the beast inside.

scorched memory of rejection incessantly ringing in your entirety; the loss of confidence.

always falling for the girls you cannot possibly be with.
streaming lights flash by like ribbons in the wind.

tired buildings lean on the blackened edifices, too weary from years of solitude, surrounded by the mismanagement of electrical wiring which loom casting their shadows.

strangers in a wide city. dreaming of bright days in the shallow depths; the hours cut short by the dogs which bark.

the ladies sit around small plastic tables in their costumes looking for that thing; that thing which defines their collective need for escape from everything.

green neon lights adorn the trees, providing an unnatural light to their long, drooping branches.

where to go from here, but up up, and away?


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

" cause leaving is the hardest part "


weederman23 (21:00:05): so i just got the whole asian guilt thing
weederman23 (21:00:25): where now, i am so depended upon as a part of this office, and i just laid it all out in front of my boss that i am leaving
weederman23 (21:00:47): and she almost made me feel like a five year-old that got caught stealing ribbon candy in a nickel and dime
weederman23 (21:01:27): she is all like if i stay here, i would get all these opportunities and help her to build a corporation and i'm the only one that can speak english and help these employees reach some of their potential and ahhhh
weederman23 (21:01:30): i feel like crying
weederman23 (21:01:35): i think i am going to go cry
weederman23 (21:01:38): i have to go
weederman23 (21:01:44): but i'll be back
xo emi ox (21:02:03): damn bay
weederman23 (21:02:14): i will come back okay?
weederman23 (21:02:21): i just feel like i let her down
xo emi ox (21:02:22): yea. but i might have to sleep
weederman23 (21:02:25): even though i neeeed to leave
xo emi ox (21:02:25): i feel you
weederman23 (21:02:27): okay
xo emi ox (21:02:35): dude thats some hard shit
xo emi ox (21:02:39): nono, go talk to her
weederman23 (21:02:43): well then i'll get you the information by tomorrow i think and then we'll see what's what
xo emi ox (21:02:51): okay....
weederman23 (21:02:52): i didn't think it'd be this emotional
weederman23 (21:02:54): hahah
xo emi ox (21:02:55): dont' stress about this okay
xo emi ox (21:03:00): YOUR LIFE!!!
weederman23 (21:03:12): i feel like a failure somehow; thank you asian guilt! and face!weederman23 (21:03:15): i know
weederman23 (21:03:16): i know
weederman23 (21:03:32): it's just hard to stand your ground when you understand your shitty job's boss so much
weederman23 (21:03:49): 'to a T' as they say
xo emi ox (21:03:53): aww
xo emi ox (21:04:09): do your thang. we'll talk about it passive aggressive asian style when you get back (or tomorrow)
weederman23 (21:04:15): okay
weederman23 (21:04:16): peas
xo emi ox signed off at 21:26:00.