Friday, April 18, 2008

" yes, yes, yes! "



" click click sha-click "


a list of things on event photography:

1. be kind to that random photographer taking photos of you. photographers have feelings too.

2. if you are a photographer, and have an event to cover, don't forget cough drops and tissues.

3. if you're supposed to be at the location on-time, get there a little ahead and come prepared. maybe the client won't be.

4. you don't need to make weird & potentially racial remarks to your photographer. the photographer knows that they are not white, even though you are. relax. drink some more coffee and pellegrino.

5. if possible, don't give the photographer the stink-eye if the strobe goes off in your face. the photographer feels bad, but c'mon, you sorta knew what was coming didn't you?

6. smile for god's sake smile. even just a bit will look better than whatever face you're giving me. it'll be okay...i know how to edit.

7. feed the photographer. the photographer has a stomach too, and can willingly eat off to the side, away from guests. no water as well makes for crabby photogs, and it will show itself in the work.

8. don't hit the photographer's camera. that's the gear part of it you know? if you break it and then give a gruff harumph...well thats just sort of rude, aaand the photographer won't be able to take awesome photos of you with things in your teeth.

9. remember to thank the photographer if they're doing an exceptional job. photographers enjoy positive feedback too. your suit or dress is great; you've done well. see? didn't that feel good?

and finally

10. let the photographer go. it's okay to let them go; they'll be back soon enough. and hey while you're at it, take the photographer's business card. maybe you'll like what you see on it enough to pass it along. for serious!


i need a nap.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

" on-camera and mouth full of food "


when being interviewed on the street, i suggest not having a tasty sandwich in your mouth, or else by the time you are actually on camera, it'll look like you are eating your tongue and teeth from the inside out. watch for my purple checkered wrap and my wiggly face!