Monday, May 31, 2010

" time is a bastard "


time will keep happening despite our every attempts to redirect it. the folly of being a linear being, is that no matter how much you want to slow time down, or speed it up, it'll never bend to your whims or desires.

it will never stop for you, or yield, or shift or wane. it is one of the most frustrating things, and one of the most reliable.

but despite it's complete lack of care for savoring moments, for letting us enjoy spectacular sunsets, or interpersonal connections, or ice creams on hot days, or hot hot hot showers, or holding hands, or running through a forest, or singing with friends, or rowing a canoe, or making sandwiches, or jumping as high as you can jump, it will always be there for you. reliable reliable time.

(dear time, i will find a way to evade your every wrath, and i will defeat you. watch your back, cause i'm coming for you in the darkness while you sleep.)

tonight's homework:

if you use public transportation of some sort, sit across from a complete stranger and then draw them on a scrap of paper. try to be discrete, but also try to make the sketch honest and true to your interpretation of their lines and being.

then if you sum up a small amount of confidence, whether you leave first or they do, hand it to them and tell them something nice. not creepy, but nice.

also, don't put your contact info on there, because that may be creepier than you sketching them.


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Saturday, May 15, 2010

" sometimes you just feel like this in the morning "


i'm far away and i'm feeling alone
i've got one week behind me, just six more to go
if i could see you i'd take off your clothes
and we'd lie in the garden and watch the weeds grow

the grass is so high
i can't see over
and the moon is so full
it's setting the stars all on fire
if they build the dam
any higher
their gonna back up the crick and
set this whole place under water
the city is a million miles away
the city is a million miles away

i lie awake and think of you
the floods and fires might be coming through
but you would know just what to do
yeah, you would know just what to do

i lie awake and think of you
the floods and fires might be coming through
but you would know just what to do
yeah, you would know just what to do


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Saturday, May 08, 2010

" missing in action "


my eyes, my fingers, my hands, my heart.

my talent, my scruples, my sense, my stars.

my feet, my legs, my tongue, my lips.

these are some things, that when i'm gone, i'll miss.

tonight's homework:

shake an extended jubilant fist to the sky at spring, and embrace the onslaught of the shift between april's showers and may's flowers.


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