Monday, November 27, 2006

" the importance of music "


soft whispers echo between digital signals. the slight audio meanderings beckon deliciously in the hollow of my ears, resounding brightly, and filling my heart deeply and away from the green-cast lights of the multiple cubicles.

it's important to note how much music, and good music, is completely necessary in daily life. in all hours, in all those moments in which i can, i attempt to always be listening to something. a melody; some beautiful fragment of creation produced and arranged and endless.

affecting and transporting, songs carry me away from distraction and closer to the inner Self that can sit and retrospect, quietly entertaining all those possibilities that might make themselves manifest in experiencing them.

and in the absence of the person that makes being in the present so wonderful and meaningful, these are some of the things i am listening to:

- gillian welch

- petra haden

- regina spektor

- sia (this site is super silly right now...)

- cat power

- M.I.A.

- rodrigo y gabriela

- britta persson

- sade

- kt tunstall

tonight's homework:

you don't have to heed my taste of the moment. you don't have to like the sort of music i like. like the music you like. play it soft, play it loud, dance in your room, in the street. run around and exist happily and sound.

rather than follow my nouveau lady artist playlist, either check out these people's work, or list out your own daily soundtrack and then bliss out and share.


" corporate interlude "


brent: I'm eating a glowing green muffin right now, by the way
me: jeebus, don't eat that
brent: it's pisachio
me: oh
brent: however you spell it. it's really, really good.
me: yum. well enjoy it because pistachios are fattening...fatty
brent: every once in a while my whole "I'll order the weirdest thing on the menu" strategy pays off
me: hah. you gotta play the game in order to win
brent: word
me: i feel fat. and squishy
brent: me too. another reason i quit drinking. I feel better when i'm in better shape
me: mm
brent: on the real. this is like the best muffin I've ever had in my life.
me: you should write a song for it. a ditty, because you love your muffin
brent: Muffin' Lovin'?
me: love muffin
brent: It could be called, "I'm Lovin' Your Muffin"
me: muffin lover
brent: and it starts out all innuendo-ie,
me: the ballad of the muffin lover
brent: but then I talk about how it's green and it tastes like pistachios. heheheheh
me: or like "pistachio muffin love on my mind."yeah...we need hobbies
brent: we have good ideas
me: let's start an ad company
brent: and when are we going to shoot my 13 second music video!?
me: soon
brent: real soon


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

" tempjobbery "


i'm a good little worker bee

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so organized and diligent

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pat my head
pat my back

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a feeling so free

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processing stack to stack to stack,


Monday, November 06, 2006

" the elements of the office " or " work? "


monotonous and slight, caught on the air of my hearing,

the low whispers gather in the cubicles.

they speak of odd things and odd tasks,

laden with forced laughter and jargon.

smiling without meaning,

talking without sense,

breathing yet not living.

these are the elements of the office space,

where again this morning i find myself.


Sunday, November 05, 2006

" fall sucks "


now heading into the second week of fall, i realize that all of this chilly brisk weather is not at all worth the three dollars i had to pay for that coat check the other night.

in any case, coat checks should be free, because i could just as easily sit on it all night you know?

p.s.-screw snooty doormen too. in fact what do they do really? stand around looking all tough and hard, maybe "treat" a special lady to enter the place? it's a sham, and the psychological game is hardly worth the outcome.

he should hold my coat i think.

this is all. oh yeah, it's cold.