Thursday, September 04, 2008

" lunchtime superness "


my ex-neighbor and good friend mariza and i went out to lunch today. delicious awesome taco truck and dessert lunch!

first of all, it is again solidified that the mexican food in california is delicious. i got two fish tacos, a carnitas taco, and some horchata.

there's really no comparison. i'd like to think that it just tasted good, because i missed mariza or i missed food on the left coast, but no. the fish was lightly battered, moist, and tasty.

the tortillas just the right size for a hand-held gripping. the carnitas flavorful and laden with just the right allurements.

afterwards, we took our leave from the taco truck, and festooned over to fruitvale proper to make our way to the churros spot. at this vendor, which is one of the stands attached to the newly revitalized fruitvale center area near the BART station, they had all sorts of fillings choices for the churros. we both got 1/2 length vanilla & 1/2 length chocolate. so so so good!

nearby, there was even a super fresh tiny little farmer's market! could the bay area be any more colorful or tasty?

i think not.