Saturday, December 31, 2011

" dreaming the impossible dream "


what will you do tomorrow?

make a breakfast of steel-cut oatmeal with brown sugar and cream? arrange in order the many colored socks you own into neat categories? shimmy-shake your leg while you slumber and do a stuttered half-twist with your body as you exhale and soft-smack your mouth a few times?

the possibilities endless, the road open and wide, the horizon clear and true. in the kitchen, you can hear the refrigerator hum and buzz while the sound of a new year's wind caresses the windows from outside.

so many numbers of things that could happen this year, but will it?

what will you do tomorrow?

here are some suggestions:

  • teach someone a skill. you never know what good you can do in the world until you can transfer knowledge
  • plant something. a seed, an indoor pot of seasonal herbs, an idea.
  • go on an adventure. take a journey no matter the distance, walk down an unexplored path and look for the light reflecting off of all of the different angles.
  • listen to a story. learn about your fellow people. friends, strangers, workers, bankers, nerds, children. we all are experiencing something very unique, and what better way to navigate that experience by hearing about how others are getting along.
  • volunteer for a charity. participation in helping our fellow people through a shelter or organization really allows you to directly affect someone else's life in a positive way, so matter how small.
  • write a song even if you don't know how.
  • sing karaoke in public, even if you're scared.
  • doodle, draw, paint, sculpt, create anything. everything. you do have talent and you are creative, even if you don't believe yourself to be.
  • have hope and optimism, and take risks to actualize those wishes.
  • cook more meals at home. preferably with friends, family, and loved ones. it just tastes better.
  • shake more hands.
  • hug more people. hugs are great.
  • create a space for yourself to express yourself more. could be a journal/diary. could be a meditation room. could be someone's ear.
  • read a book.
  • watch more movies, both good and bad ones. how will you know what you like unless you watch more of them? i like to watch movies (hint, hint).
  • make more lists. lists will clearly organize a myriad of things, and will set your mind at ease. plus, lists are rad.
  • settle a score.
  • surprise someone with generosity.
  • surprise yourself with generosity.
  • make that phone call.
  • handwrite a postcard or letter. make sure you have proper postage.

there are so many activities you could do tomorrow, and all it takes is a little gumption, a little self regulation and free-will. you can do them all.

i believe in you, and you're doing great.

tonight's homework:

open up those eyes to all the possibilities in the world, and begin to craft a plan.

happy new year.

decembre 31

Friday, December 30, 2011

" laments & expanding joys "


i have had moments this year. moments filled with frenetic energy, anxiety, blisses, regret, doubt, and ire. like most everyone living this linear existence, you cannot help to notice time passing.

slow or rapid, it's all happening around you, and only when you have a moment of clarity amidst the fray, a surfacing from below the water-level, do you see. you actually can see the moments constantly folding over each other. meshing and combining and filling our days with everything.

the long faces in the crowd, shielded by black scarves. middle-aged men with coats purchased by daughters and carrying lunchbags chosen by their granddaughters. green ones with bunnies having a picnic scattered across the vinyl. "homeless-occupiers", homeless moms on the train with their kid(s) at 3am, the american salary man, hot dog vendors, boys in threes or fours flexing their bravado safely and in confident packs.

people in the the city, in the world, on the street, on the train, in your face. so many people.

how can you see all of them in their infinite numbers? so many stories filled with hope, tragedies, happinesses & elation, sadness. filled to the brim with love and compassion only to have it misunderstood. filled to the brim with deception and malice only to have it misunderstood.

getting older means that nothing is so black & white. we live in shades of gray, and it's up to you to navigate those muted tones amidst the shock of colors. and what a faceted spectrum. ever-present and aware, as if all walls have tiny eyes constantly watching and never blinking.

it has been a curious year to be sure. as always, highs and lows. but you do your best despite the world, and sometimes despite your better judgement.

be good to people, and if you messed up, own up to it. time is ever-fleeting, and the burden of those moments of conflict compound and multiply before receding.

it has been quite the year, and there are so many more to go.

tonight's home work:

do good, be good. and try to reflect that goodness in others. do your best, and people will notice. and someday, the right people will notice.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

" my life is meaningful & yours is too. "


i have done wrong in my life so far. i have done wrong.

i have lied, i have stolen, i have wrongly accused & have hurt feelings.

i have done all of these things to those closest to me & to those that have shared in my affections & love.

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and today is the day i lay most open. today is the day where i make those occurrences known, and promise to be a better man. to be a better person to the very best of my abilities.

harbor no ill will towards anyone without cause. be truthful & remain resolute to do good in this world for the time i have left.

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i am an animal on the earth, and i too can change & adapt. i too have the capacity to love & reflect kindness.

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i have done wrong, but i'm trying to do right.

tonight's homework:

cook a delicious meal with friend's or a loved one. talk about the day, what happened, and then about what really interests you about living where you are living. discuss dreams, aspirations, goals, and plan adventures. listen to music that makes you happy, drink tea or a hot toddy, then lay down on the floor and let the moment build, pass over, and become memory.