Sunday, February 28, 2010

" contemplating in front of your computer can kill all your joys"


you're watching the light from the sun rake it's last outstretched fingers against the bricks of the buildings adjacent to the churchyard. their muted hues burst afire and become brilliant colors; bold and strident like a kick in the teeth.

looking down at your fingers as they type type type away, you wish that they were doing something more useful. something more meaningful, helpful, and worthy. instead they flutter about with the sounds of clickety-clackity all about. they seem so hollow, the palms shallow, and the wrists tightening up. your hands wish they had other hands to hold.

you're watching the final episode of the (british) office on hulu, and you have another small realization that you're lonely. you're very nice and giving, but you're lonely. if these people can find a small bit of happiness in a seemingly harrowing daily drudge, perhaps you can as well. or maybe you watch too much online videos.

you notice that the night has crept in like a bandit, and has replaced all of the light in the world with a darkening blue blanket. the green gaseous glow of the fluorescent light fixtures flicker and blink in the blackness, illuminating massive piles of dirty snow plowed and placed there earlier in the day.


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Thursday, February 25, 2010

" the blissful storm "


the arc of this storm was rain to sleet, to wet ice, to flurries, to snow, to ice, and now back to wet snowy ice.

the winds caused the branches to buckle and sway. the harder flecks of ice rampaged past the shifting barrier of my eyeglasses, and hurtled forward into the cold wet of my exposed eyes.

now i sit at home, safe and indoors, awaiting the radiator to clank and scuttle on, releasing me from this days frigid tidings.

tonight's homework:

teach this storm a lesson and enjoy a small delicious dish of an ice cream or sorbet of your choice.


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Monday, February 22, 2010

" what do you love? "


if you are afraid to say it, or to lose it, you'll spend your time with us alone and wary.

if you cannot find the words, take a deep breath and have faith that what you'll say will be taken just as well as you gave cause to speak. people are generally welcome to the things you will have the opportunity to say if it comes from the heart.

if you always speak truths about your feelings, intentions, and what you want, odds are you might find yourself more believed, more trusted, and more happy. maybe it's not in the dreaming where we make our marks, but in the implementation.

the mumbled truth is oft misunderstood, but close proximity and whispers can cause even mountains to shift.

tonight's homework:

choose someone, a close friend, or a significant other. tell them one thing that you most definitely love about them, and one thing that you most definitely do not love about them. allow them to do the same to you, and discuss. afterwords, share a dessert of some sort and hold hands for a minute. you'd be surprised what a strange and fulfilling  day it'll turn out to be when you open up a little.


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Friday, February 19, 2010

" there are no seatbelts in star trek "


ramble ramble. fridays are never wasted.

and how do we find the strength within ourselves to be true, honest, mighty, and confident?

bold strokes with a clarity of vision and purpose.

there's no seat belts on the enterprise. that's why everything is so dramatic in the intergalactic battle scenes.

you can never underestimate the brass section. it's lead you to the heroic acts leading way to the woodwinds.


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Sunday, February 14, 2010

" heart day "


kind heart, foolish heart, smart heart, heavy heart.

sweetheart, tart heart, warm heart, cold heart.

my heart, your heart, heartbeats, heartburn.


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Monday, February 01, 2010

" of wrist, knee, and foot pain "


ouch winter, ouch.

helping a friend move in the wintertime. ouch wrist and un-gloved fingers left in the cold; exposed digits awaiting the warmth of a pocket or hand.

helping carry furnishings and boxes up the steps to the new spot. ouch knee, how you buckle under minimal weight; the cold icy touch of chilly gales seeps in through unseen entrances.

riding my bike home from not too far away. ouch foot, and the odd sensation of pain tingling within the tarsals and metatarsals curiously; with a charly horse in the calf withing sight, no distance between the start of that ride and home feels any more alleviating.

tonight's homework:

get a hot water bottle for your seat or back, and marinate at home or a friend's home while watching a guilty pleasure movie. it's cold outside.


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