Sunday, June 29, 2008

" mr. salty comes to brooklyn "


the illustrious mr. salty of boston, mass. decided to come on over to brooklyn, ny to share the lyrical flows with all of his people.

instead of a show, all he had at the end was a triple overbooked band bill to mull over, and a 6+ hour round-trip lucky star bus ride.

good thing for us, he left us with a couple tidbits of his personal thoughts on the short excursion, and a freestyle nugget to chomp on.

big up mr. salty.



Friday, June 27, 2008

" after getting my shiz stoled, this makes me feel better "




" it's never just about a bike light is it?"


i went to the main branch of the brooklyn library today to photograph an exhibit inside. the sun rose high and all around me the heat engulfed and entangled. to step beyond the egyptian-symbol-ed doors and into the wide lobby was cool and welcoming.

after a few hours of setup and documentation, i prepared my things and walked out to my bicycle. and there, in the place of my bicycle headlight, was the brash swipe of tape residue. it had been stolen while i was inside.

the light itself, nothing special. small and compact, broken even, hence the electrical tape used to hold it onto the frame. it wouldn't snap onto the holder, so i taped it down, but i never thought that someone would steal it, especially with it in the condition it was in.

but they did. it is gone.

i stood there for a minute, then just let it go. i let the light go, but i couldn't shake the feeling of loss. it felt like someone had slipped their invisible thieving hand underneath my skin, and pilfered the contents of my being. can you truly just let things go as easily as that?

there is always sadness on a small scale; there is always a pain which lingers. like getting teased at from afar and unknowingly, then to hear about all of the nasty things said about you, the words passing your ears without their knowing...and how you just felt crushed of spirit.

and even though it's just a light, i know it's just a light for a bike, it never just feels like it's about a bike light. it always feels indicative of some larger occurrence, and sometimes it's difficult to let go.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

" somedays, don't you just feel like... "




tonight's homework:

don't let anything hold you back. stop making excuses. don't let him or her make you feel like that; tell them what you feel, and how together, you can push on through.

take photos, listen to music that makes you happy, dance, dream, flourish.

it's the summer, and it's happening right now.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

" summer heat "


a five-fold fleet of engaged frigates lay dutifully waterborne between our lonely isles.

an ocean of supposed differences and a sea of doubts intrude on a shared joy.

what can i do when my coast is faced the wrong way out?

afloat in this summer's heat, who can bear it but to move forward.