Saturday, September 24, 2011

" when life is a chore, make a chorewheel "


there are so many opportunities to fail. in moments of problem-solving, ones of trouble-shooting. cooking woes, heart-leaning woes, crafting woes. so many, so woeful.

but you still must maintain your composure and your dignity. keep your chin up and move forward with grace because you know better to linger in that somber space.

better yet to be tenacious and driven. make that work despite all the powers-against, looming around you like a damp thick cloak. there is most definitely a rhyme and reason behind an act of beauty, and an act of honesty will always be rewarded. it may not be the reaction you're expecting, but i promise you, it will come around.

so make an assessment and weigh options. gather materials and stretch out your body. deep breaths, deep breaths. putting it out there with small acts of bravery, propel you into the a better version of yourself with each step.

there are many things yet to be done, and only you can bring them to the surface.

best of luck to you.

tonight's homework:

approach and engage with a complete stranger. your task is to relay to them you are taking portraits of people on the street, to create a visual representation of the portrait of a city street. make the photograph(s),  and be sure to provide them with both a genuine experience of positive human interaction and also your contact information.

août 26

août 27

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août 31

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