Thursday, February 24, 2011

" patterns patterns "


dreaming dreaming, sleepful slumber.

lulling tides, with dark waves washing o'er.

a jolt awake, the sun blazes through the blinds.

the disbelief of reality, followed by an exhale and a relief.

aching body, and climbing down.

into the world again, as

checklists fill my mind,

and the dream'd dreams have drowned.

tonight's homework:

make five (5) images of a single object of any size, and try to show the object's personality. it can be different angles, or light sources, or time of day or location. be sure to try a lot of ideas, then edit down to the five (5) most successful ones. you may just have a portrait or the beginnings of a story.


fevrier 16

fevrier 17

fevrier 18

fevrier 19

fevrier 20

fevrier 21

fevrier 22

fevrier 23

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

" love what you do "


you have to have a love for what you do. there is nothing more soul-consuming than feeling like you're putting all of your creative energies into something that doesn't forward your expression.

you have to sink you mind's fingers into the brainstorming sack of beans. feel all of the possibilities slipping through your fingers, and how easy it would be to just leave your hand there, without bringing something to the surface upon removal.

it's not enough to care or have a passing interest. you need to have a love. you need to have a passion. you need to have enough doubt in yourself, in the process, in the outcomes, in order to improve upon your work.

the next time someone asks you what you do, take a brief moment and really think about that question. what is it that you actually do? is it your money-making work? is it your hobby? is it your gardening?

i think that people use that inquiry to break the proverbial ice, expecting a bland one-sentence answer of your current job. but challenge yourself in that moment, and let that challenge extend to all facets in your creative life.

love what you do, and what you do, will take care of you. inside and out.

tonight's homework:

ask a friend to sit for you for a five (5) image portrait session. it can be headshots or include their whole bodyspace. make five images which describe five distinct emotions that they felt in the past day. examples could be as base as anger or elation, or as complex as you like. make these images, and send them to me or a fellow artist, and see if they can describe those emotional states.


janvier 10

janvier 11

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janvier 16

janvier 17

janvier 18

janvier 19

janvier 20

janvier 21

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janvier 23

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janvier 29



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fevrier 02

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